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I've Found Anxiety And Optimism In Final Fantasy 14's Upcoming Data Center Travel

One of the most anticipated features of Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Endwalker expansion is its Data Center Travel feature. Yet it's an upcoming feature that has Victoria feeling both anxiety and optimism.

Next FF14 Letter From The Producer LIVE Set For September 17th

The next Letter from the Producer LIVE stream is coming this month, with Square Enix announcing that it will be held on September 17th at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. The stream itself will cover battle-related updates, job adjustments and more as it relates to the upcoming expansion, Endwalker.

Final Fantasy 14 Producer Addresses Congested Servers, Login Caps In New Post

Final Fantasy 14's producer Naoki Yoshida took to the FFXIV website last night to address the ongoing concerns of the influx of players to the MMO, specifically just how the servers are holding up among the rush to Eorzea. The post details login caps for European data centers, as well as what the team at Square Enix are doing to alleviate congestion.

Opinion: Final Fantasy XIV Dev's Response To Sage Icon Is Something The Games Industry Should Learn From

Late last week news came out of Square Enix with Final Fantasy XIV's producer Naoki Yoshida announcing a revamp to the icon of an upcoming class. This change was prompted by feedback from the community about a lesser known phobia that the original emblem could have been seen as triggering to those who suffer from trypophobia. As a result, the FFXIV quickly revamped the emblem to assuage those concerns. It's this type of action, looking out even for the smallest subset of players who support the

Final Fantasy XIV's Sage Job Icon Changed Due To Trypophobia Concerns

Final Fantasy XIV is seeing an upcoming icon changed thanks to some concerns in the community regarding it triggering a lesser-known phobia out there: trypophobia. The phobia itself puts sufferers into a feeling of "fear or disgust of closely-packed holes" according to Healthline, which the original icon had as part of the design.

As Final Fantasy 14 Grows, We'll All Feel Growing Pains

The FFXIV community will have to work to uphold the reputation that made one of the biggest influxes in gaming history happen.

Why Final Fantasy 14 Is So Popular Now

Final Fantasy 14 has been picking up major steam, but there's no singular reason why so many new players have joined - just a perfect storm of circumstances.

Final Fantasy 14 Is Sold Out Digitally As Influx Of New Players Fill Up Servers

Final Fantasy 14 has seen an influx of new players the last few weeks, and in so doing have caused Square Enix to pull back the amount of digital codes available on the official website.

Final Fantasy 14 Releases a Benchmark Trailer, PC Test for Endwalker Available Now

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is headed our way in a few short months. If you're planning on playing the next huge expansion to one of the most popular MMORPGs, but you're not sure if your PC can run it, Square Enix has got you covered.

Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Letter Set for July 9

Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker is approaching. Ahead of its arrival will be a Producer's Letter for July 9.

Final Fantasy 14 Adds Patch 5.55 Today, Its Final Story Patch Before Endwalker Later This Year

Final Fantasy 14's Shadowbringers story is coming to a close soon with Endwalker on the horizon, and today players can start to dive into the last story patch before the next expansion.

Final Fantasy 14's New Scythe-Wielding, Persona-Summoning Reaper Class Announced For Endwalker Expansion

The new FFXIV melee class, announced at Fan Festival, lets players summon a voidsent persona/stand/avatar and slash into enemies with a scythe.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn Spoiler-Free Day One Review

While the final lead-up to Endwalker builds up, the side content shines in the latest content update for FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Director Naoki Yoshida Talks Endwalker, PS5, More

In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar), Final Fantasy XIV Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida discussed what it took to bring the game over to PS5, and much more.

Final Fantasy XIV's Digest Details the Latest Letter from the Producer Live

In the Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Digest, patch 5.5 was just one of the major topics of discussion. The presentation from February 5th started off talking about the Endwalker reveal, but quickly transitioned into information regarding patch 5.5 and the new content players will experience.

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