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Final Fantasy 6.3: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble Impressions

With new FFXIV MSQ chugging along and tons of side content to delve into, is patch 6.3 a good time to delve back into the critically-acclaimed MMORPG?

Final Fantasy XIV 2022 In Review

After the infamous launch of Endwalker last year, we review the moments that defined FFXIV in 2022.

Ten Creepy Things In Final Fantasy 14 You'll Find Year-Round

The Halloween quests are always a delight, but even outside of this season, there's plenty of spooky stuff to be found in FFXIV.

FFXIV: I'm Actually Having Fun With Island Sanctuaries

Robin has never been interested in player housing. As a result, she really wasn't that interested in island sanctuary. However, since diving in she's been pleasantly surprised.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1's Most Anticipated Changes

FFXIV players already know that the four-month wait means despite all hardships, it's time for a much-anticipated regular content patch drop! Victoria walks us through what's most exciting about the 6.1 update.

Activities in Final Fantasy 14 You May Not Know Are Alive

Have you worn out the obvious FFXIV side activities? Have you tried these, too? Victoria takes us on an adventure off the beaten path in FFXIV with some activities you may not have realized were still thriving!

FFXIV Experiences Server Congestion As Server Transfers Are Re-Enabled

Yesterday Final Fantasy XIV went back on sale for the first time in weeks as well as a new data center. Additionally, server transfers are open, though as a result the Square Enix team cautioned to players that they are experiencing high volume as a result.

Final Fantasy XIV's 6.05 Patch Brings New Savage Raid, Armor And More

Patch 6.05 of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker dropped this morning, bringing with it the new savage raid dungeon, Pandæmonium: Asphodelos to the MMO, as well as new armor, housing furnishings and more.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Review

Endwalker concludes FFXIV's decade-long narrative with a lofty, risky, and ambitious story. But is it worth forging ahead?

Final Fantasy XIV Suffers Massive Server Issues Last Night, Square Enix Pulls MMORPG From Sale To Combat Congestion

To say Final Fantasy XIV is popular would be an understatement. Since earlier this year, the MMORPG has had a huge influx of players jumping into Eorzea, congesting the servers. With the recent release of Endwalker, this has only intensified, leading Square Enix to once again pull the MMO from sale to stem the tide of players joining in and slamming the servers beyond capactiy.

Endwalker Story Impressions: Final Fantasy 14 Early Review

Much like a trip to the moon, the story of FFXIV's latest expansion aims to cover plenty of ground (or space). Does it succeed?  

Ways To Prepare For Endwalker With Your Two Extra Weeks

We have a list of productive things to make sure you've done in FFXIV to stay warmed up before Endwalker's release.

The Eorzea Prospect: Tales From A Habitual FFXIV Returner (And Why This Time Is Different)

Robin, our resident World of Warcraft expert, has dove headlong into FFXIV. Again. Only for some reason this time feels different.

Final Fantasy XIV Talks Changes Coming To Scrips And Allagan Tomestones

As part of patch 6.0, Final Fantasy XIV players will start to see some changes to Scrips and Allagan Tomestones. The FFXIV team took to their website today to outline those changes, giving players plenty of notice before the patch hits.

Final Fantasy 14 Director Naoki Yoshida Thanks Medical Workers

The FFXIV director once again thanks those working at the front lines, and hopes the game will give them relief.