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New World Preview - Taking Amazon's MMO For A Spin Through Reekwater

Earlier this week, Amazon gave us an early look at content being added to the ongoing Alpha for New World. This high-end content includes a new zone, Reekwater, as well as spears and the introduction of a fishing mechanic. But Bradford was interested more in how the experience has changed since the previous test in August. Here are his thoughts on the update.

Here's What's In Store for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape This Fall

Jagex, developers of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, have shared their plans for the games for the Fall of 2020.

Torchlight III's Endgame Is Now Playable in Early Access

Guess what? Torchlight III's endgame is now playable in Early Access.

Borderlands 3's End Game Receives an Overhaul

Borderlands 3 has received an endgame overhaul, plus the new seasonal event is available. Here are the details.

Wolcen Patch Tackles Endgame and More

The latest Wolcen patch addresses UI, endgame, and more.