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Guild Wars 2 2023 Roadmap is Coming, and ArenaNet Reveals a Few Details For Now

ArenaNet promises a 2023 Guild Wars 2 roadmap within a few weeks, and reveals when WvW quality of life details, balance change notes, and more content changes, will happen.

Guild Wars 2's Big 2022: More End of Dragons Content Coming, New Expansion in Early Development

This year was  "one of the best years for Guild Wars 2 in recent memory", according to ArenaNet. They've also revealed that the next expansion is in early development. 

Guild Wars 2 Scraps Some August 23 Balance Changes and Adjusting to Make Future Tweaks More Based on Meta

ArenaNet announced Guild Wars 2's major balance update notes, along with the team's goals for them recently, in an effort of transparency. Now, after community feedback, they've scrapped some changes.

Guild Wars 2 Summer Roadmap is Out, Raid Rewards Overhaul, World Boss Polish, Living World Episode 3 Next Week

The summer roadmap is out for Guild Wars 2, along with details on the July 19th update. Living World Season 1 episode 3 will be out, along with world boss polish, an overhaul to raid rewards, and more.

Guild Wars 2 Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Designing Marjory and Kasmeer's Big End of Dragons Arc

ArenaNet is taking us behind the scenes of End of Dragons once more, this time with a Pride Month look back at the design process behind Kasmeer and Marjory's arc in the expansion with Narrative Designer Matthew Medina and writer Morgan Lockhart.

Guild Wars 2 Delays Release of Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode For Extra Testing and Polish

The Harvest Temple Strike Mission Challenge Mode, set to arrive in Guild Wars 2 as part of content coming on June 7th, has been pushed back to June 28th to give the team more time to test and polish the mode.

Guild Wars 2 Brings Back Dragon Bash Next Week, and The Original Festival in Sky Pirates

Dragon Bash is returning to Guild Wars 2 next week, and this year you'll also have the opportunity to celebrate the original festival with the release of Sky Pirates.

Tomorrow, You Can Craft Zhaitan-Inspired Legendary Weapon Skins in Guild Wars 2

Beginning tomorrow in Guild Wars 2, Sky Pirates goes live, and you'll be able to create zhaitan-inspired skins for Aurene-based legendary weapons you have unlocked.

Guild Wars 2 Rebalances End of Dragons Content, Updates Fishing, and Adds New Strike Mission Challenge Mode

The latest Guild Wars 2 update covers a lot of ground, from fixes and adjustment to End of Dragons content, adding the challenge mode for Strike Mission: Xunlai Jade Junkyard, and additional overhauls to fishing.

Should You Get Into Guild Wars 2 in 2022?

Guild Wars 2 is having itself a great year, thanks, especially to its excellent End of Dragons expansion. But getting into an older MMO can be hard for new players. Should you look into getting into Guild Wars 2 in 2022? Here is what Kanishka thinks on the topic.

Guild Wars 2 Update Makes Lots of Fixes and Balance Changes, Starts The Super Adventure Festival

The latest Guild Wars 2 update brings more End of Dragons fixes, overall polish, class balance tweaks, and begins the Super Adventure Festival.

Interview: Guild Wars 2 Lead Composer Maclaine Deimer On Making Sweet Melodies

Just shy of a month ago, Guild Wars 2 released their third expansion, End of Dragons. We sat down and spoke to composer Maclaine Deimer on what it was like creating the music of End of Dragons.

Guild Wars 2 Adds Vendor for Siege Turtle Egg, Tweaks Mechanist and Catalyst for Better Balance

The new option to obtain a Siege Turtle Egg from a vendor in Guild Wars 2 is now live. The latest updates fix bugs and tweak the Mechanist and Catalyst.

Guild Wars 2 Polishes End of Dragons, Improves the Player Experience, and Adds More Cats to Pet

The latest Guild Wars 2 update for End of Dragons focuses on polish, some fixes, improved player experience, and gives you some additional cats to pet.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Final Review

It's been almost two weeks since End of Dragons launched, and after seeing how things have played out on the live servers, this is still the best expansion ArenaNet has done to date. Read why in our final review.