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Embracer Group Financials Reveal Growth, Valheim Sold 10 Million and MMOs Drive Revenue

The latest financial report from Embracer Group shows growth, with MMOs among the revenue drivers. Valheim was also cited, having sold over 10 million copies.

Embracer Group May Confirm Saber Interactive Taking Over Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

According to financial releases from Embracer Group, the company may soon confirm that Saber Interactive is taking over development on the Star Wars: The Old Republic remake.

Embracer Group Acquires Middle-earth Enterprises; Now Owns IP Rights To LOTR and More

In a move announced late last night (or early morning in Europe, take your pick), Swedish company, and now seemingly owner of Geekdom, Embracer Group announced they had acquired Middle-earth Enterprises. This means that the company now owns the company that owns the adaptation rights for Tolkien's Legendarium.

Embracer Group Buys Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and Square Enix Montreal, With Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief IPs

Embracer Group has announced a deal to acquire Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and Square Enix Montreal for $300 million, a deal which includes over 50 IPs.

Neverwinter Boasts Over 20 Million Lifetime Players Per New Embracer Report

Earlier this month it was announced that Perfect World Entertainment was acquired by Embracer Group, though will operate independently under Gearbox. Now we know a bit more about Perfect World and why Embracer purchased the company. Notably, we have some metrics from some of the ongoing MMOs from Cryptic, including revenues and player numbers for games like Neverwinter and Star Trek Online.