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Indie MMO Spotlight: That Time Of The Month

This week, everyone posted their monthly dev update, Nightingale went offline, and a solo developer calls it quits.

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Wagadon't Chronicles

This week, The Wagadu Chronicles is shutting down, Coreborn announces server wipes, and demons invade Fractured Online.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Betas Come And Betas Go

This week, the Cyber Immortals Android test is underway while BitCraft's Alpha 1 comes to an end, Oath Games acquires struggling MMO Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, and A Township Tale adds and then quickly removes a new feature.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Standing In Line To Play Some Indie MMOs

This week, server queues were a major issue as multiple MMOs entered testing, Realm of the Mad God teases its Realm Rework Beta, and Palia is the latest developer to cut staff this year.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Happy Easter!

This week, Embers Adrift gets a new update, Monsters & Memories' devs review the last couple of months, and Easter events pop up all over the place.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Can Dreams Really Come True?

This week, Dreamworld adds new assets (image above), Foxhole talks about Update 56, and Quinfall opens up another Close Beta application.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Updates, Playtesting and Early Access News Hit The Indies This Week

This week, Scars of Honor's Kickstarter gets off to a slow start, Nightingale moves up its Early Access launch, and Palia has a second go at the Maji Market.

Indie MMO Spotlight: MMORPG Covers Indie Stuff

This week, we give our final verdict on The Wagadu Chronicles, we share Part 2 of Philip Harker's Case Studies in First-timer Indie MMO Development, and Fractured Online has one crappy week

6 Upcoming MMORPGs That Don't Follow the Medieval Fantasy Theme

Looking for something a little different? We've compiled a list of 6 upcoming games that fall outside of the traditional medieval fantasy themes that so many games are modeled after.

Ember Sword Releases Ultra Deep Leaderboard Speedruns - Complete with Glitches and Exploits

The Ember Sword Ultra Deep Alpha Playtest ended several weeks ago, and the team at Bright Star Studios (BSS) has recently released the winners of the Leaderboards, noting the exploits used to hit the tops spot.

Ember Sword's Dungeon Playtest Saw 42,000 Players Attempt Ultra Deep with Only 1% Successful

Ember Sword has a lot to celebrate as their latest dungeon playtest has been a resounding success. Here's some postmortem statistics from the Bright Star Studios team.

Ember Sword Censer Weapon is Made For Versatile Support

The Ember Sword team talks the Censer weapon, a versatile support weapon that can also deal damage, and demos the weapon.

Ember Sword Asserts 'There's a Lot of Misconceptions About Web3' | Interview | MMONFT

In this interview Steven speaks with Bright Star Studios CEO Mark Laursen about Web3 and NFTs. How have things changes since 2020?

Indie MMO Spotlight: Trick or Treat!

Ember Sword's New Engine Could Be a Major MMORPG Game Changer | Interview

In our interview with Joris, we talked about innovation of their custom engine, the power of asynchronous streaming, and their potential contribution to revolutionize MMORPGs as we know them.