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Elyon Announces the Game is Shutting Down in Korea Days Before NA and EU Closure Commences

Just days before the EU and NA version of Elyon shuts down, Kakao Games has announced the closure of the Korean version of Elyon.

Elyon Gets New Class, But the Game is Shutting Down in North America and Europe on December 7th

Today, Elyon gets the duel-wielding melee Soulbringer class, but the new update was accompanied by the news that the game will shut down in North America and Europe in December. 

The Soulbringer Brings its Rapid-Slicing Twin Blades to Elyon on September 7th

The Soulbringer, a new dual sword-wielding melee class for Elyon, arrives on September 7th.

Battle Enemies and Protect Allies as the Paladin Arrives in Elyon, Along With Some Events, New Gear, and More

The Paladin arrives in Elyon to fight and defend, with new gear added, cross-Realm matchmaking, and new events to get you boosted.

Use Your Auras to Switch Up Strategy when the Paladin Comes to Elyon this Month

The Paladin will be coming to Elyon on May 25th, and this week's update begins a pre-registration event, along with some added rewards ahead of upcoming Honor Point and Mana Awakening resets.

Elyon 2022 Roadmap Details New Classes, Raids, Dungeons, New Systems, and the Return of Realm War

Elyon's 2022 roadmap details a timeline full of new features, including classes, raids, dungeons, new systems, Hunting Grounds, and the return of Realm War.

The List: MMOs With The Best Character Customization

Every gamer loves to customize their character to make them their own. We break down some of the best MMOs to create the avatar of your wildest dreams.

Elyon Getting Tons of New Content, 30-Man Raid, Hunting Grounds, Two New Classes, and New Realm War

Kakao Games has announced a ton of new content coming to Elyon, including a 30-man raid, new Hunting Grounds (including one undersea), two new classes, and another shot at Realm War.

Elyon Update Ups the Level Cap, Adds New RvR and Events, and Locks Out Players With Too Many Characters

The latest Elyon update ups the level cap, adds new RvR content, starts two new rewarding events, and locks out players with too many characters left after the server merges.

Elyon Updates Class Balance for Greater Viability, Discontinues Spanish Support in April

The latest update for Elyon tweaks several classes for greater viability, as Kakao prepares to end Spanish language support next month.

Elyon Merges Servers, Adds and Overhauls Open World Content, and a New Gear Enhancement System

The latest update for Elyon completes the announced server merges, and overhauls and adds open world content, begins new events, adds an equipment enhancement system, and lots more.

Krafton Announces Investments and Intent to Leverage MMO Experience to Create NFTs Under Bluehole Studio

Krafton has announced investments in an effort to create NFTs using the company's experience in the MMORPG space.

Elyon Update Ends Some Events, Cleans Up, And Freezes Luxury House Moves Ahead of Server Merge

Elyon is preparing for upcoming server merges again with a change in today's update affecting housing. The pstch also ends some events, and cleans up a few ways.

Elyon Server Merge Dated For Mid February, Details on What to Expect Released

Elyon will be merging servers to one per region soon, and now we know when it will happen, and what players need to know before merges happen.

Elyon Update Adds New Elyon Pass Rewards System and New RvR Airship Treasure Battle

Elyon changes up its rewards system to a new Elyon Pass, begins Lunar New Year, and adds a new RvR event, the Flying Dragon Pirate Fleet.