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Your Name Can Be Immortalized in Elite: Dangerous Odyssey

You can get your name immortalized in Elite: Dangerous Odyssey when it releases later this Spring.

Elite Dangerous Provides an Update on Odyssey's Release Schedule

If you've been waiting for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey you will have to wait just a little longer as the development team is still pushing through to alpha testing in spring of 2021. Luckily the team at Frontier Developments believes they will launch the update in late spring on PC and on consoles sometime in autumn.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Dev Diary Shows Off First Person Combat

A new Elite Dangerous dev diary takes a look at the first person combat in the upcoming Odyssey expansion.

Elite Dangerous Pulse Wave Analyser Fix Incoming

Frontier acknowledged recently that fixes for the Pulse Wave Analyzer in Elite Dangerous are indeed on the way.

Feast Your Eyes on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Gameplay

Frontier has shown off the first gameplay for Elite Dangerous Odyssey during The Game Awards tonight.

Elite Dangerous AMA Spills More Details on Odyssey

A recent AMA for Elite Dangerous took place on the official forums, with the team spilling some details on upcoming expansion Odyssey and more.

Someone Circumnavigated the Entire Galaxy in Elite Dangrous

Someone has circumnavigated the Milky Way in Elite Dangerous. Yes. Seriously.

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Stream Explores Planetary Exploration

The latest developer diary for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey answers questions you probably didn't even know you had. The stream that lasted over an hour talks about everything from the suits you wear while exploring planets, to the kinds of missions you may find yourself completing.

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Dev Diary Explores How You Can Forge Your Path

On the back of news that Horizons would be free starting October 27, Elite Dangerous has released the latest dev diary for their 2021 expansion, Odyssey.

Elite: Dangerous 'Horizons' Expansions Are Free From October 27

Did you buy the Horizons expansion for Elite: Dangerous recently? Well, it will soon be free.

Elite Dangerous Patch Addresses Fleet Carrier Issues

The latest patch for Elite Dangerous is here and brings with it a few fixes along with stability updates.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - New Dev Diary Teases Planet Exploration on Foot

Developer Frontier Developments has released a video with some details regarding planet exploration. In Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, players will be able to get out of their vehicles and explore planets with a diverse set of atmospheres.

[UPDATE] Elite: Dangerous Patch Delayed to Monday

The most recent Elite: Dangerous patch arrives on Wednesday of this week and brings with it some fixes to Fleet Carriers.

Elite: Dangerous' Known Issues Being Worked On

Frontier is currently working on a patch to resolve a myriad of known issues in Elite: Dangerous.

Frontier Investigating Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carrier Bugs

The launch of Elite: Dangerous' much anticipated Fleet Carriers update has not been without issue. It looks like Frontier is aware of them and is investigating solutions.