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Elite Dangerous Releases Its First Real-Money Ship Today, Despite Player Displeasure At The Move

The first ship Frontier is selling for real money, the Python Mk II, has officially launched today for those willing to fork over some real cash to fly the ship.

Players Are Infuriated with Elite: Dangerous' Plans to Sell Ships for Cash

Frontier Developments revealed plans to sell ships for real money in Elite: Dangerous in a new announcement made to the community. Upfront, let's just say this has gone over with players about as well as we'd expect.

Elite Dangerous Lead Game Designer Wants You To Join The Thargoid War

Lead game designer Betterton gave something of a rallying cry about the current and future state of the war.

Elite Dangerous Teases New Titans, Powerplay Rework And New Ships For Update 18

Elite Dangerous is shaping up to have big updates on the horizon for eager starfarers.

Frontier Developments to Refocus on Sims After Diversifying Offerings Fell Short, Will Support Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments is going back to its roots, declaring the company will return to focusing on sims, which brought the company its original string of successes. This comes after efforts to diversify the studio's offerings were not as successful as they hoped.

Elite Dangerous Developer Frontier Is Planning Layoffs As Part Of An Effort To Return To Profitability

Frontier is planning on laying off employees as part of an effort to 'reshape Frontier' following disappointing financial performance, according to a new report.

The Thargoid War Heats Up in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 15, With New Ships, New Enemy and More

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 15 is out now for the 'live' servers and features a new mission and new developments in the Thargoid War, along with a series of improvements.

Elite Dangerous Confirms Update 15 Window, and Work on Reopening Console Profile Copy Portal

Frontier has an update on Elite Dangerous, both the coming Update 15, and the reopening of the ability to copy your profile over from console to PC.

The List: 10 Best Sci-Fi MMOs To Play In 2024

MMOs are not lacking in space-themed adventures, but a few continue to stand out above the rest as worthy of your time and money. These are the 10 best sci-fi themed MMOs to pick up in the coming year. 

Elite Dangerous Interim Update On Track, Mission Boards Got an Initial Fix

This month, Elite Dangerous remains on track for an interim update to address issues from Update 14. Meanwhile, Mission Boards got an initial fix.

Elite Dangerous Getting Interim Update To Fix Update 14 Woes, and Frontier Confirms 15 and 16

Promising that certain issues would be addressed at the beginning of the year, Frontier  has a small roadmap update for Elite Dangerous, including fixing Update 14's issues and Updates 15 and 16.

Elite Dangerous Will Begin Addressing Update 14 Issues 'Early in the New Year'.

Frontier assures the Elite Dangerous community that an interim update that will fix several of lingering known issues that followed Update 14 is coming "early in the new year".

Elite Dangerous Update 14 is Live After a Slight Delay

Update 14 for Elite Dangerous is now live after a delay, and the features in the new update are significant.

Elite Dangerous Halloween Paint Jobs Are Coming, and Update 14 Gets a Release Window Target

Elite Dangerous is getting spooky season started, with this week's Frameshift Live taking on a Halloween flair. The team at Frontier has also given a window for the coming update 14.

Spaced Out: Elite Dangerous - From The Lobster Nebula

Mike BC is back with another Spaced Out column, talking about the recent Thargoid events in Elite, as well as his own travels across the Milky Way.