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Elgato Stream Deck Pedal Review

Elgato, the company that brought us the Stream Deck, CamLink, and countless capture cards is back again with their latest product for streamers. This time, it's a... foot pedal? That's right, and it's actually pretty cool. Find out if it can enhance your setup in this review!

Elgato Stream Deck Mk.2 Review

Elgato's Stream Deck has become a go-to must have for streamers everywhere, from the hobby streamers to professionals. The Mk. 2 version of the Stream Deck recently released and we've had a chance to go hands on with it for a few weeks now. How does it compare, and for those looking at getting into the Elgato ecosystem, does it provide enough to justify its cost?

Elgato Facecam Review

A webcam can be a fickle thing, and finding the right one for your use case, whether streaming or what not can be difficult. Elgato has entered the arena with its first webcam focused on streaming. But how does it stack up, and does it justify its cost out of the gate?

Elgato Wave XLR Review

Elgato's Wave XLR audio interface is an interesting proposal, especially for those looking for a solid XLR option with little real estate being used on their set ups. The draw of the device is simple: turning robust and expensive XLR mics into, effectively, a USB mic thanks to Elgato's Wave Link software. However, does it do enough to be seen as a viable replacement for the likes of a GoXLR or AverMedia's Nexus?

Elgato Key Light Air Review

If you're a streamer, you need good lighting. Elgato's Key Light quickly became a popular solution for streamers, but was out of reach for many gamers on a budget. Enter the Key Light Air, a smaller version retailing for only $129. Is this what you need to take your stream to the next level? Find out in our review.