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Meet the Demiprince of Maelstrom Fa-Nuit-Hen, Who You'll Help in The Elder Scrolls Online: Scions of Ithelia

The Elder Scrolls Online Scions of Ithelia Chapter is on its way in just a few weeks, and ZeniMax has a new lore preview about Fa-Nuit-Hen, Demiprince of Maelstrom, who you'll aid in a new dungeon.

The Elder Scrolls Online Previews Scions of Ithelia Dungeon Oathsworn Pit

The Elder Scrolls Online is preparing for next month's Scions of Ithelia launch with a new preview of one of the DLC's dungeons: Oathsworn Pit.

The Elder Scrolls Online Prepares You for Scions of Ithelia With Recommended Content to Get You Ready

Prepare for next month's Scions of Ithelia DLC release with this new Elder Scrolls Online guide to activities you should complete before the new content drops.

Scribing In The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Road Sounds Like It Could Completely Transform The MMO

Scribing is the major feature coming with this year's Chapter expansion in The Elder Scrolls Online, launching with Gold Road in June. And it sounds like it could completely transform the MMO.

The Next Elder Scrolls Online Chapter, Gold Road, Takes Players To The West Weald

During today's global reveal, the Elder Scrolls Online team laid out their vision for 2024, taking players back to familiar stomping grounds from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. 

The Elder Scrolls Online Teases Tomorrow's Big 2024 Reveals With New Info and Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online has a major reveal stream tomorrow, but to get us all ready for the announcements, there's a new teaser of "Tamriel's chaotic future" ahead of the big announcements.

Elder Scrolls Online in 2024 - Speculating On The Path Ahead

As we near the global reveal of The Elder Scrolls Online's 2024 plans, Kevin speculates on where the MMO is heading thanks to the clues being drip fed by the developers in recent weeks.

The Elder Scrolls Online Unveils 2024 Morphing Collectible, With the Guilds and Glory Event Next Week

The Elder Scrolls Online will open up the Guilds and Glory Celebration event next week, with quests and opportunities to earn rewards and Event Tickets. This is extra important because the team has announced the 2024 Morphing Event collectible and you can start collecting soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online Announces Reveal Stream for 2024's New Chapter, a 'Continuation' from Necrom

It's that time again, where The Elder Scrolls Online team is preparing to tell us just what we can expect in 2024 from ZeniMax' MMORPG.

5 MMOs That Deserve Another Chance In 2024

Here are five MMORPGs that deserve a look as we head into 2024 - and five singleplayer games that might get in the way.

Elder Scrolls Online New Life Festival Event Brings Holiday Quests and Rewards

The Elder Scrolls Online New Life Winter Festival event is coming soon, and with it players can expect new Merry quests, XP boosts, Holiday Loot boxes and more. 

The Elder Scrolls Online's Matt Firor Reflects on 2023, Reveals Direction and Continued Story in 2024

The Elder Scrolls Online will mark its 10th anniversary in 2024, and ZeniMax Online Studios'Creative Director Matt Firor has shared a letter reflecting on a big 2023 and what's ahead in 2024.

5 Best MMOs To Play If You're A Completionist

Do you spend most of your time in MMOs camping for rare mounts or picking up old school transmog items? If so, you'd probably fall into the category of completionist. Here are five MMOs that are fantastic for a player like yourself.

Enter The Endless Archive on Consoles, as The Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 Goes Live on Console

Update 40 for The Elder Scrolls Online is now live on all platforms, with console players now welcome to enter the Endless Archive dungeon for randomly-generated battles, unique bosses, and loot unavailable elsewhere.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Khajit Private Investigator Mizzik Thunderboots

The Elder Scrolls Online team has a new lore feature in its Meet the Character series, and this one is all about dapper Khajiit private investigator Mizzik Thunderboots.