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Breaking Down The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom Reveal

Zenimax has just announced the new chapter for 2023, The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. Players will return to Eastern Morrowind, and a new class, the Arcanist, is being added to the game. Read on for Kevin's thoughts on what the studio has revealed so far.

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Going Back To Morrowind In Necrom, Coming June 5th

In today's Elder Scrolls Online reveal event, ZeniMax Online Studios officially announced Necrom, the next major Chapter update for the MMORPG which will release on June 5th.

Live Blog: Xbox And Bethesda Showcase Hones In On ESO, Redfall And More

Xbox and Bethesda are hosting a Developer_Direct showcase today, highlighting upcoming games for Microsoft's platform in 2023. Among those we know to be included are Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, and more.

Jan 25th Xbox and Bethesda and Elder Scrolls Online Streams To Reveal New Content

 The Elder Scrolls Online will feature on two special streams later this month, on January 25th. first up, ZeniMax Online Studios will be part of the next Microsoft and Bethesda showcase. Afterwards, an ESO Global Reveal will happen.

Exploring Tamriel: An Elder Scrolls Online Travel Guide Part One

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive game with a ton of player choice on what content to experience first. Each year Kevin starts a new character to explore Tamriel just one more time. This year join him as he makes his way through Tamriel as a High Elf Nightblade aligned with the Aldmeri Dominion. Part One explores the new player experience on the Isle of Balfiera and his adventures on the island of Khenarthi's Roost.

The Elder Scrolls Online Team Presents a Deep Dive Into Combat Design Philosophy

The Elder Scrolls Online team presents a deep dive into their combat design philosophy, addressing goals as well as community questions after recent major combat overhauls.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Dropping Year-Long Stories Moving Forward, Adds 'Millions' Of Players In 2022

The Elder Scrolls Online's year-long story arcs are coming to an end, according to a new letter by ZeniMax Online Studios' director Matt Firor. Additionally, Firor mentions that the MMO has added "millions" of new players this year, though doesn't give an exact figure in the end.

A Chance to Complete Collectibles in The Elder Scrolls Online is Coming With the New Life Festival

It's almost time to celebrate once again in Tamriel when The Elder Scrolls Online begins the New Life Festival next week. The event also marks the final chance to complete 2022 collectibles.

The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong DLC and Update 36 Make Smooth Console Launch

Firesong, the DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online that wraps up the yearlong Legacy of the Bretons storyline, is now out on consoles, along with update 36.

Elder Scrolls Online Is Giving Players A Free Guar Pet As An Apology For Firesong Issues

After the rocky launch of the latest Elder Scrolls Online DLC, Firesong, ZeniMax Online Studios is giving players a free in-game pet as a thank you for putting up with the downtime and issues.

Return to The Dark Heart of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online's Next Event

The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online. It's time again to battle, complete quests, and explore for loot and event tickets, especially if you want a chance at a fragment for the year's Morphing Collectible.

The Elder Scrolls Online Firesong Brings More Druid Lore, New Zone And More

The conclusion of this year's Legacy of the Bretons storyline, The Elder Scrolls Online: Firesong, brings much to the table for players. The Druids make a return, while the political intrigue that has been center in the Systres is on display. Also, the tavern game Tales of Tribute gets a new deck to play with.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 36 and Firesong DLC Getting Maintenance for Launch Woes

The Elder Scrolls Online  is having some issues today, with players reportedly experiencing crashes with Update 36 and the release of the new Firesong DLC on PC and Mac.

Preview Firesong's Druid Mysteries With the Latest Elder Scrolls Online Devblog With Druid Laurel

 The Druids are going to take center stage in The Elder Scrolls Online's Firesong DLC, which hits PC and Mac next week, and the latest preview from the team is in the form of a Q&A 'answered' by Druid Laurel of the Stonelore.

The Elder Scrolls Online Community Works to Unlock Explorer's Celebration Bonuses in Final 24 Hours

The Elder Scrolls Online community has just about 24 hours left to keep hitting milestones in the Heroes of High Isle event to unlock even more time in the next Explorer's Celebration.