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World Plays ESO is Two Months of Live Streams from Devs and Streamers

Zenimax announced a two month-long celebration of Elder Scrolls Online with live streams from developers and streamers alike.

ESO Console Enhanced Launches Today for Xbox Series X|S and PS5

If you're one of the lucky folks who own an Xbox Series X|S or PS5, today is the day you'll be able to play ESO Console Enhanced on your system of choice. And we've got a new trailer to boot.

ESO Blackwood Community Stream on June 11 Gives You a Chance to Win Alienware Headset

The folks over at the Elder Scrolls Online community stream team will be hosting their next live stream this Friday, June 11. And you'll have the chance to win Alienware gear.

ESO Blackwood's Console Launch Today Receives New Trailer

After Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood released on PC, Mac, and Stadia last week, it's the turn of the consoles today. Check out the all-new trailer for Blackwood as the chapter releases on console.

ESO Blackwood Hotfix Should Prevent Future Companion Gear Loss

Elder Scrolls Online received its recent chapter Blackwood just last week. While launch-day server issues were at a minimum, it seems like bugs still slipped through the cracks, including one affecting companions.

ESO Adventures: Back in Black(wood)

Blackwood has finally released on PC, Mac, and Stadia this past Tuesday. And Shank's been playing it! What have he been up to? Allow him to regale you all.

ESO Update 30 Reenables PvP Item Set Bonuses, Free Champion Points Respec, More

Elder Scrolls Online just received its latest chapter, Blackwood, yesterday on PC, Mac, and Stadia. Alongside Blackwood, Update 30 also released and brought several bug fixes. However, PvP received item set bonuses returning, in addition to free champion points respec.

Blackwood Launches Today for Elder Scrolls Online on PC

The next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online is Blackwood and it launches today for PC with consoles following on June 8. Blackwood brings a bunch of new features and locations for Elder Scrolls Online. Here's how it breaks down.

ESO's Endeavors, System To Earn Crown Crate Items, Delayed Out of Update 30

Zenimax is bringing Endeavors to Elder Scrolls Online which look to be an alternative way to earn Crown Crate items via a new currency. However, this feature is not launching immediately. Read on for more details.

Meet the Elder Council Ahead of ESO's Blackwood Launch, Plus New ESO Live This Friday

Blackwood is almost upon us. But before the next chapter drops for Elder Scrolls Online, the team over at Zenimax Online Studios shared some additional information on the Elder Council, in addition to details on their next live stream.

Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch 7.0.4 Continues to Refine Blackwood Ahead of Launch

If you're playing Elder Scrolls Online PTS, ZOS continues to enhance and refine the experience with respect to testing the upcoming expansion, Blackwood. Here's what's changed.

Elder Scrolls Online 12-Player Group Limit Confirmed Due to Performance

The reasoning behind the 12-player group limit has been confirmed by Elder Scrolls Online Community Manager, Gina Bruno. In a recent forum post, she confirmed the driving factor here is, as most guessed, performance.

Elder Scrolls Online Explorer's Celebration Underway

The Explorer's Celebration returns to Elder Scrolls Online and is your chance at double XP, extra resource node drops, and gold in any zone. Here are some additional details.

Latest Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch Brings the Year One Celebration for Test

If you're playing Elder Scrolls Online through the PTS, you might want to hop in and check out the Year One Celebration. All this and more are discussed in the latest round of PTS patch notes 7.03.

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Receives All-New Companions Trailer

Zenimax Online Studios just shared an all-new trailer for Blackwood, their upcoming chapter in Elder Scrolls Online.

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