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I Bunkered Down Into the New NieR Raid (Spoiler-Free)

The new Nier: Automata raid is a hectic delight, even if Black Mage main Victoria has her qualms.

Red's Read on TemTem

Red Thomas tries to catch 'em all in Temtem. Interested in throwing things at random monsters in order to add them to your personal zoological collection or in pitting your own trained creatures against vicious beasts in the wild? Well, Temtem could be for you and Red gives his thoughts on his own experiences in the game to help you make your decision.

OPINION: Why The Last of Us Part 2 Collapsed [Spoilers]

The Last of Us Part 2 is a divisive game. Shank takes a spoiler-filled deep dive into how the game's utterly brilliant first half is completely undone by its second half.

Taking a Look at Warframe's The Deadlock Protocol Update

Update 28, The Deadlock Protocol, brought a large amount of changes to Waframe. While the update was filled numerous changes and additions to the game, there were some changes that were not as great as Aaron hoped.