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Reign of Guilds Declares 'Final Stretch' to Q1 2024 Early Access Release, Testing in December

Reign of Guilds an upcoming medieval fantasy MMORPG by Atlant Games, is rapidly approaching its early access release, set for the first quarter of 2024.

Fractured Online Expands Executions, Squashes Exploits, and Adds New Balance Changes

Fractured Online has its first significant patch since Early Access relaunched earlier this month, and the team is doing some housekeeping. The patch fixes a number of exploits, patches some bugs, and makes a few balance changes.

Ilysia VR Early Access Trailer Shows off The Experience, and Devs Promise Future Content Reveals Soon.

VR MMORPG Ilysia has entered Early Access, and Team 21 Studio has a new trailer and some more on what is on the way.

The Wagadu Chronicles Hits Steam Early Access On December 4th

Indie MMO The Wagadu Chronicles is making its early access debut on Steam next month, launching on the platform on December 4th.

VR MMORPG Ilysia Plans Early Access Later This Month

The Ilysia VR team is planning for an Early Access launch sometime this month, with an expanded build, improvements, new zones, and more.

Wayfinder's Early Access Launch Issues Persist, Team Addresses Problems and Plans Compensation

Tthe past few days have been a rollercoaster for both the developers and the players as server stability has been anything but stable. The Team has addressed the issues in their latest post.

Into the Echo Announces Early Access Date for Journey Across Raava

The developers at Etlok Studios have announced that the Early Access for their interactive lore experience, Journey Across Raava, will begin on August 25th.

Wayfinder Devs Address Early Access Server Issues, Server Caps, Promising a Full Explanation and Plan Today

The Wayfinder team addresses yesterday's Early Access server problems, promising a full breakdown of what happened and a plan to move forward.

Wayfinder Early Access - Amid Tremendous Progress, Wayfinder Still Needs to Find Itself

Last weekend press were invited to take part in testing out the game ahead of the Early Access release. How did Wayfinder hold up when it was tested with end-game ready characters?

Wayfinder Delays Its Early Access To Thursday To Squash Last Minute Issues

Wayfinder was slated to release into early access today; however, developer Airship Syndicate has implemented a last-minute delay, with it now dropping on Thursday.

Wayfinder's Final Beta: Was the Early Access Delay Worth It?

As gamers we are no stranger to delays, and Airship Syndicate's latest game, Wayfinder, has taken us on quite a ride with a new beta test as part of their Early Access delay. Will the delay be worth the wait?

Reign of Guilds Team Plans Upcoming Steam Playtest

Recently, the developers announced that they have completed the most lengthy and complex stage of development, moving on to active testing and refining of mechanics based on user feedback.

Frozen Flame - Is The Early Access Survival RPG Worth Playing?

Frozen Flame By Dreamside Interactive is an open-world RPG with a mix of survival and MMO elements and PvP. The game is currently in early access and Kanishka gave it a shot. Read on for his thoughts on the early access title.

Fuse Superpowers to Build Your Hero In Superfuse, Opening in Early Access Today

Early Access opens today for hack-and-slash action RPG Superfuse. Fuse superpowers to create your own custom hero.

Stardock Launches sins Of A Solar Empire II Into Early Access Today

Stardock's follow-up to its RTS classic has hit early access today, bringing a technical preview of Sins of a Solar Empire II to players. The RTS sequel is debuting new mechanics to the franchise, as well as its new game engine in what will be a phased development rollout throughout the next year.