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Vecna Unleashed Mini-Expansion  Goes Live in Dungeons & Dragons Online, With New Zones, Dungeons, and More

Take on Vecna's followers and work to foil his plans in the new Dungeons and Dragons Online mini-expansion, Vecna Unleashed, which also concludes the Codex of the Infinite Planes Saga in a big way.

Dungeons & Dragons Online's Mini Expansion, Vecna Unleashed, Opens Pre-Orders

Dungeons & Dragons Online's brand new mini expansion, Vecna Unleashed, is on the way, and available for preorder today. 

Dungeons & Dragons Online is Giving Away a Ton of Free Quest Packs Right Now

Dungeons & Dragons Online is once again offering up lots of free content and substantial discounts on even more adventures.

Dungeons &  Dragons Online Update 57 Adds a New Toggle and Changes to Support New and Melee Players

 Dungeons & Dragons Online is adding a new type of damage toggle, and making some other changes to support newer and melee-oriented players in the latest update, Grip of the Hidden Hand. 

UPDATED: Dungeons and Dragons Online Downtime Extends to Second Day

Yesterday, the latest patch for Dungeons & Dragons Online caused an issue with Reincarnation Caches, leading the devs to bring the servers down for a fix. Downtime has lasted for nearly 24 hours.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Archetypes and Archvillains Update Lets You Play Classes In a New Way

Dungeons & Dragons Online has released its new update, Archetypes and Archvillains, and the new content and options just might change how you play.

Permadeath Challenge Hardcore League is Back Next Week in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Next week, Hardcore League 6 brings back the hardest Dungeons & Dragons Online mode with permadeath and a challenge for all that feel confident enough to attempt it.

Isle of Dread Expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online Delayed to June 22nd

The next expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, Isle of Dread, has been delayed. The team does have a new behind the scenes look at the design process of the feline Tabaxi race, which comes with the expansion.

Test Some of Isle of Dread's New Features in Dungeons and Dragons Online

The next expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Online, Isle of Dread, is coming in June. Parts of the upcoming content and update 55 are now up for a limited preview test.

Seven MMORPGS You Need To Try That Don't Require A Subscription

A lot of players want to get into MMORPGs but they are apprehensive because of the subscription fees involved in some games. So we're here with seven outstanding MMOs to give a go that don't require a subscription to really enjoy.

Dungeons and Dragons Online's Snowpeaks Festival Live

The Snowpeaks Festival is live in Dungeons & Dragons Online bringing a bunch of rewards for you to earn.

How Dungeons and Dragons Online Brought My Family Together During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I've thought about writing this article for months. Since Thanksgiving and with Christmas just around the corner, I've been putting thought into the things that I've been thankful for.

Monthly Users, LOTRO On Console, And More Details Emerge In Aftermath From EG7 Acquisition Of Daybreak Game Company

Yesterday, EG7 announced the acquisition of Daybreak Game Company for $300M USD, a move that sees the San Diego-based MMO developer move more into the spotlight than it has in years past. Thanks to a new investor presentation from EG7, we now know a bit more about Daybreak itself.