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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Review

For fans of the Forgotten Realms series, the chance to go hands on with Drizzt and his pals is an enticing proposition. However, how does the latest Co-op Dungeons & Dragons adventure game hold up?

An Open-World AAA RPG Set In The Dungeons & Dragons Universe Is In The Works

A new Dungeons & Dragons RPG is being developed, per a tweet by Hidden Path Entertainment looking for developers to join the team.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Is Getting A Mini-Expansion, Called 'The Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh'

Standing Stone Games is testing the waters of the mini-expansion release with their other MMO, Dungeons & Dragons Online, with Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini announcing the D&D game will see one hit this year.

Baldur's Gate 3 Previews New Druid Class Coming With Patch 4

In a new video, the team at Larian Studios showcased the upcoming Druid class coming to Baldur's Gate 3's Early Acess when Patch 4 hits. The Druid will feature over 30 new spells and abilities in the game, as well as the ability to transform into quite a few different beasts to aid your party.

Dungeons and Dragons Online's Snowpeaks Festival Live

The Snowpeaks Festival is live in Dungeons & Dragons Online bringing a bunch of rewards for you to earn.

How Dungeons and Dragons Online Brought My Family Together During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I've thought about writing this article for months. Since Thanksgiving and with Christmas just around the corner, I've been putting thought into the things that I've been thankful for.

Red's Read on Online D&D

Red Thomas fights anti-social tendencies with social distancing by playing Dungeons & Dragons online. ...as in playing the pen-and-paper RPG using online tools, rather than the MMO. How does the online experience compare to the more typical Knerds of the Dinner Table event? Red gives his take in today's article.