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New World Interview: Talking Dungeons With Amazon's Mike Willette

We recently had the chance to chat with Amazon Game's Mike Willette, the head of world experience on New World, all about dungeons in the upcoming MMO.

ESO Live Will Preview Waking Flame Dungeon DLC

Zenimax Online Studios have announced their next Elder Scrolls Online live stream scheduled for this Friday, July 9. On this upcoming ESO Live, the team will preview the two new dungeons arriving as part of the Waking Flame DLC.

Swords Of Legends Online Unveils More Of The MMO's Dungeons In Latest Trailer

You want more Swords of Legends Online dungeons? Well, you've got it. We've got four more dungeons to share with you today, including a PvE trailer. Here are the details.

Bless Unleashed Outlines Changes to Dungeons in Upcoming Secrets and Scions Update

The Bless Unleashed team has outlined some changes coming to dungeons in the upcoming Secrets and Scions update, including an apology of sorts...

Bless Unleashed Patch Lowers Dungeon Entry Requirements

The latest update to Bless Unleashed lowers the entry level requirement for several dungeons.

TERA's Undying Update Arrives Tomorrow

In case you missed it, TERA's Undying Update is set to arrive tomorrow, September 8.

Elsword's New 'Pruinaum' Region Introduces Two Dungeons

Elsword has received a new region called Pruinaum in its latest, bringing with it a brace of dungeons as it puts players on ice.