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TERA Patch 108 Tomorrow Brings New Dungeon, New Rewards, More

TERA is set to receive one of its largest content update yet in tomorrow's Build 108 update which brings about a new dungeon, new rewards, and much more.

Atoraxxion, Black Desert's First Co-Op Dungeon, Launches Today

As a quick reminder, Black Desert's first co-op dungeon, Atoraxxion, is now available. If you're looking to dive in, here's what you need to know.

Black Desert Is Launching Its First Co-Op Dungeon, Atoraxxion, Later This Summer

Atoraxxion, the first co-op dungeon for Pearl Abyss' Black Desert, is coming later this summer the company announced. While no date has been released just yet, the developer did mention it will be hitting soon for both PC and console this summer.

Here's Your Exclusive First Look at Swords of Legends Online Dungeon: Raging River Ruins

Swords of Legends Online is fast approaching. Today, we've got you covered with an exclusive first look at one of the dungeons coming to the game: Raging River Ruins. Here's what you need to know about the dungeon before you jump in.

Blade & Soul 'Winds of Rage' Launches May 12, Brings New Heroic Dungeon

A new update for Blade & Soul, called Winds of Rage, launches on May 12 and brings with it a new dungeon called Thornwind Cavern. What can you expect in this new heroic dungeon? Read on to find out.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Confirms 7-8 Dungeons in Development for Alpha One

In the latest live stream for Ashes of Creation, developers Intrepid Studios revealed that they are planning around 7-8 dungeons ready for Alpha One, in addition to more information.

Ragnarok Online Receiving Sealed Shrine Update

Sealed Shrine is the next major update for Ragnarok Online featuring a new party dungeon. Here are the details.

Elder Scrolls Online Patch Contains Fixes for Flames of Ambition DLC

A new patch for Elder Scrolls Online has brought about some fixes for the latest content release, Flames of Ambition.

TERA's Lumikan Update Brings New Catalepticon Dungeon and New Boss

New content for TERA is here, including a brand new dungeon and boss. Here are the details.

RuneScape Receiving New Solo and Duo Boss on December 7

For all you RuneScape fans, you can look forward to a new solo and duo dungeon dropping into the game on December 7.

Here's What's In Store for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape This Fall

Jagex, developers of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, have shared their plans for the games for the Fall of 2020.

Ashes of Creation Shares Sneak Peak of Crafted Armor Set

The Ashes of Creation team shared a quick sneak peak at some crafted leather armor earlier today.

TERA: 64-Bit Platform Releases, New Dungeons for PC and Console

En Masse Entertainment has announced a new 64-Bit client upgrade for the PC version of TERA. In addition to the client upgrade, both the console and the PC versions of TERA will receive new dungeons.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Showed Pre-Alpha Footage of Gathering, Dungeon Fly Through, More

Yesterday's Ashes of Creation live stream provided an update on development, including some pre-alpha footage of gathering, in addition to a dungeon fly through.

Torchlight III's Endgame Is Now Playable in Early Access

Guess what? Torchlight III's endgame is now playable in Early Access.

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