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DreamWorld Opens Up Early Access and Adds a Free Trial to See What It's All About

The arrival of DreamWorld in Early Access comes with a launch discount and a free trial, which could help dispel some of the lingering controversy with the game.

DreamWorld, The Controversial Kickstarter MMO, Is Launching Into Early Access September 12th

DreamWorld, the Kickstarted MMO that billed itself as the "last game you'll ever play," announced this morning that it is launching into Early Access on September 12th. The MMO is still mired in controversy a year after it was announced, as multiple questions still linger from its botched announcement in March 2021.

The Dreamworld Situation Is Looking Like a Mess

Remember Dreamworld? It was the Kickstarter which promised, "the endgame, it's every genre, every game, every style, all wrapped into one." It looks like a lot of things have gone down in the intervening time.

DreamWorld, the 'Massive Open World Creative MMO' Successfully Funds Kickstarter Project

A new Kickstarter MMO, DreamWorld has launched and funded in its first 9 hours. The new MMO surprisingly only asked for $10,000.00 to fully fund further development.