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The Dragonflight Update Notes Are Here

Dragonflight is almost here, and the update notes have arrived ahead of Monday's big World of Warcraft expansion launch.

Dragonflight Launch Will Hold Back A Few Things Until Weekly Reset

With Dragonflight launching on Monday, Blizzard has announced that certain weekly rewards content will be halted until after the weekly reset.

Blizzard Highlights Dragonflight Accessibility Options and How To Access Them

With the Dragonflight pre-patch, the World of Warcraft team is going through some of the accessibility changes in the upcoming expansion.

A Special Dragonflight Beta Launch Test is Happening Today

With Dragonflight officially launching in just about a week, today, the World of Warcraft team is holding a launch test on a special beta realm. 

Blizzard Shares Dragonflight Global Unlock Times and Prepares for the Next Chapter

Dragonflight is on its way, and the countdown takes its next step, with the announcement of global unlock times for the next World of Warcraft expansion. 

Blizzard Tempts Inactive Players Back to World of Warcraft With a Free Weekend

Inactive World of Warcraft accounts are eligible to play through the full game, including all expansions, today through Sunday, ahead of Dragonflight's launch.

Take to the Skies and Battle the Storms, as Dragonflight's Launch Cinematic and Pre-Patch Phase 2 are Live

Dragonflight's pre-patch phase 2 is live in World of Warcraft, with the launch cinematic out, the Dracthyr Evoker playable, and the all-new pre-launch event, The Tempest Unleashed.

Catch the Dragonflight Stream Tomorrow for the Launch Cinematic and More Expansion Details

Tomorrow, the World of Warcraft team will hold a special live Dragonflight stream, unveiling the launch cinematic, with the team offering a look at pre-patch phase two.

Preview 'The Cradle of Dragon Civilization' in Dragonflight, Thaldraszus

 Dragonflight's latest zone preview, along with the zone music, is for the mountainous Thaldraszus, known as "the cradle of dragon civilization".

World of Warcraft Sets Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 Stream for Tuesday and Shares Notes

The Dragonflight pre-patch phase 2 will begin next week, and Blizzard will hold a live stream on Tuesday to reveal the launch cinematic and more. The team has also released the patch notes.

World of Warcraft Devs Are Inviting Players To Test Dragonflight PvP With Them

Dragonflight's launch is around the corner, and the World of Warcraft developers are inviting players to test PvP ahead of the November 28th expansion launch.

Preview The Dracthyr Evoker and Its Starting Area, The Forbidden Reach

With Dragonflight's release just weeks away, Blizzard is previewing the Dracthyr Evoker and its powerful starting area, The Forbidden Reach.

Blizzard Previews the Settings, Bosses, and Lore of All Eight Dragonflight Dungeons

The road to Dragonflight continues, this time with a guide to all of the World of Warcraft expansion's dungeons -four level-up dungeons and four max-level dungeons.

World of Warcraft Will Make Stories About Your Characters and Blizzard Introduces Dragonflight Exile's Reach

World of Warcraft is inviting players to tell their Warcraft Stories via a new Twitter campaign and introducing the Exile's Reach excursion with details to know before Dragonflight.

Blizzard Releases Dragonflight Title Track, and Brings Back 12-and 6-Month Subscription Bonuses

Dragonflight will be out this month, and Blizzard is trying to entice World of Warcraft players to stick around, with 12- and 6- month subscription bonuses. The WoW team has also released the Dragonflight theme to stream.