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ARK Maintenance Scheduled for Today

Ark Survival Evolved downtime should be expected later this morning as the team cites server maintenance.

Expect Extended Downtime in EVE Online Today

You should expect some extended downtime today in EVE Online as CCP is set to configure some new hardware.

[UPDATED]Seems LOTRO Is Having Issues...Again

For those of you who have been following The Lord of the Rings Online lately, you know that last month the game experienced some of the worst downtime in its history. Well, based on a tweet from the official Twitter account, LotRO players might be experiencing a bit of déjà vu.

Lord of the Rings Online Announces VIP Compensation For Its Downtime

As The Lord of the Rings Online has been navigating through the fallout from its extended downtime, the team at Standing Stone Games has finally given VIP subscribers some info as to how they will be compensated for the issues.

LOTRO's Bullroarer Open Through July 31, Bringing Database Wipe

LOTRO's Bullroarer server is open once again, but only through Friday, July 31 at 10a EDT. Here's what's changed.