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Last Oasis Cleans Up Rarity Some More, Promises Sleeping Dogs Next Week and Looks Towards More S5 Work

Last Oasis has gotten an update that cleans up a previous update, and makes additional changes. The game is still finding its footing after being revamped completely.

Last Oasis - After the Overhaul, What's Next? Donkey Crew Provides an Update

Now that the Season 5 update has gone live, which introduced a major overhaul to a large number of the games' features, what is next for Last Oasis? Donkey Crew has taken to their Steam page to let players know that there is definitely more to come.

Last Oasis Season 5 Will Be a Complete Overhaul and Focus on Smaller Groups, Careful Planning, and PvE

Massive change is coming to Last Oasis with season 5 next week. Dubbed "L'Overhaul" the game will emphasize careful planning, PvE, and smaller groups,

Last Oasis Holding a Season 5 Public Beta Test on July 5th

On July 5th, Last Oasis will open up its next beta branch via Steam. This beta will be open to the public and is designed for feedback and as a stress test for the early game maps.

Last Oasis Responds to Poor Reception from System Rework Announcement

Early Access Survival MMO Last Oasis is now in its 4th season, and with it the team at Donkey Crew has some plans to rework the Walker Building System. Walkers are large vehicles that can be used in combat, and the new rework of the system plans to remove free-placement of structures on Walkers going forward. Needless to say, the community was none too thrilled with the changes.

Last Oasis Alerts Players of 'Wipe Hype' - New Patch and Upcoming Wipe Next Week

In a tweet from Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew, the team will be wiping the game some time on Friday, March 26th to make was for some changes.

Last Oasis Launches Season 2, Looks Back On Season 1

In a new state of the game post on Steam, Last Oasis looks back on Season 1 of the Nomadic Survival MMO, as it also launches Season 2.

Red's Read: Last Oasis - Quality Craftsmanship

Red Thomas digs into crafting for those looking for a more quality experience in Last Oasis. Red talks about quality, the crafting system, and offers some advice on how to ramp up both production and quality in your own crafting efforts.

Last Oasis Preview Impressions

Last week, Last Oasis showed off a bit of their nomadic survival game ahead of its Early Access launch on the 26th. Here are our thoughts from our hands-off presentation.

Last Oasis Hits Early Access March 26th

The nomadic MMO survival game from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis, has an early access release date. Announced via a post on Steam this morning, the MMO will be coming to Early Access at the end of the month - March 26th to be exact.