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Final Fantasy 14's FanFest Keynote Drops Full Endwalker Trailer, Talks New Jobs, Endwalker Coming November 23

Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Endwalker expansion got a full trailer tonight to kick off FFXIV's Digital FanFestival. The team also dove into the content of the upcoming expansion in the Keynote, touching on the second of the new jobs coming to the expansion: the Reaper.

Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Fest Lays Out The Full Event Schedule

Final Fantasy 14's Digital Fan Festival is coming next month, and Square Enix has detailed the schedule for the event.

Final Fantasy 14's Next Producer's Letter Will Be Coming During May's Digital Fan Festival

As Final Fantasy 14 is prepping for its next patch, Death Unto Dawn, to release tomorrow, the team is already looking ahead to next month. The FFXIV team announced today the timing for their next Letter from the Producer LIVE, which will be taking place during its upcoming Digital Fan Festival in May.

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