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Rumors Point to Diablo IV Preorders Next Month, With a Spring Launch

There's some new speculation about Diablo IV's release window, pointing at April as when we might expect the release. Of course, these are rumors, and Blizzard has only committed to 2023 so far.

Diablo IV Closed Endgame Beta Details Announced Amid Reported New Leaks

The Diablo IV team has shared an update on the coming closed beta, which will be all about endgame. the narrowly-focused beta comes amid reported new leaks.

Diablo IV Devs Talk Adding Seasons, Keeping the Meta Fresh, and Monetization Plans Post-Launch

Set for release next year, Diablo IV devs talk about post-launch plans, including balancing the meta, adding a seasonal model and Season Pass, and monetization.

Diablo IV Is Officially Launching In 2023, Announces Necromancer As Final Class

Diablo IV was shown off during the Xbox + Bethesda showcase this morning, announcing both the Necromancer as its final class, as well as officially announcing the ARPG will release in 2023.

Diablo IV Closes The Year With Latest Quarterly Update

Diablo IV is closing out the year with their December quarterly update, this time focusing in on itemization and visual effects.

Activision Blizzard Q3 2021 Earnings Call: Blizzard MAUs Hold Steady At 26 Million; Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV Delayed Into 2023

Blizzard's monthly active users held firm quarter over quarter at 26 million users based on numbers shared during today's Activision Blizzard earnings call. Additionally, it was reported that Blizzard's revenue grew 20% year-over-year, thanks in no small part to its release of Diablo II: Resurrected in September.

Blizzard Announces Joe Shely As The New Game Director For Diablo IV

Blizzard's upcoming addition to the Diablo franchise, Diablo IV, has been without a game director publicly since the previous director was forced out earlier this year amid the ongoing lawsuit allegations surrounding the studio. Today, however, the company has announced a new game director taking over the reins in veteran developer Joe Shely.

More High Profile Developers Out At Activision Blizzard Including Diablo 4 Director, Jesse McCree

Yesterday it was confirmed that more high-profile developers are no longer working at Blizzard in the wake of the ongoing lawsuit circling the game studio. These departures include Diablo 4's Director Luis Barriga, World of Warcraft designer Jonatha LeCraft and lead designer and Overwatch hero namesake Jesse McCree.

BlizzConline 2021 - Diablo IV Developers Talk Rogue, PVP

Robin sat down this weekend during BlizzConline 2021 to discuss Diablo IV's new Rogue class, as well as break down the recent panel with Lead Systems Designer Joseph Poepiora and Lead Animator Careen Kingdom.

Diablo IV Receiving Rogue Class

Diablo IV is receiving a new class, The Rogue. Here are some initial details from BlizzConline.

Diablo IV Quarterly Update Looks At Itemization

The latest quarterly update for Diablo IV is here with a focus on itemization.

Diablo IV's Skill System is Getting Huge Changes

Blizzard shared some new details about the skill system in the upcoming Diablo IV and how they're changing it to allow for build diversity.

Blizzard Celebrates Comic-Con@Home with Merch, Artwork, and Collectibles

Blizzard is celebrating Comic-Con @ Home this year with some exclusive merchandize, artwork, and more.

Diablo IV Unveils 'The Dry Steppes', Gives Developer Update

The latest quarterly developer for Diablo IV was just posted, showing off one of the five regions of Sanctuary: The Dry Steppes.

Diablo IV Quarterly Update Looks at UI Design, Monster Families, and More

Blizzard has shared a quarterly update for Diablo IV, specifically looking at UI design and monster families.