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Diablo IV Details The Abattoir of Zir, Midwinter Blight As Part Of Latest Livestream

Starting next week, players who have completed the latest season in Diablo IV can up their challenge by taking on the Abattoir of Zir, coming on December 5th.

BlizzCon 2023: What Does Blizzard Need To Annouce To Excite You This Weekend?

It's no secret that buzz around Blizzard has waned in recent years. However, with the first BlizzCon set to happen in person since before the Pandemic, there just might be something that sends a spark through the community once again.

Diablo 4 Will Offer XP and Gold Gain Bonuses This Coming Weekend

 Diablo 4 Is offering some special gold and XP bonuses this coming weekend, starting on September 1st.

Diablo IV Concludes Tales of Sanctuary Short Story Collection With One Final Entry, 'Teeth of the Plague'

A brand new short story, "Teeth of the Plague" is now out, concluding the Diablo IV  Tales of Sanctuary series.

Diablo IV 1.1.1 Patch Details Include Boosts to Sorcerer and Barbarian, Guaranteed Legendaries, and More

Keeping promises, the Diablo 4 1.1.1 patch notes have been released, featuring balance changes, boosts to Barbarian and Sorcerer, more guaranteed Legendary weapons, and more helpful tweaks.

Diablo IV Patch 1.1.1 Arrives August 8th, Sorcerer and Barbarian Getting Boosts, and More Changes

The Diablo IV team outlined patch 1.1.1, with Barbarians and Sorcerers getting major help, quality of life changes, and much more when the update is out on August 8th.

The Diablo 4 Team Will Detail Patch 1.1.1 in a New Stream Tomorrow

Following last week's promised greater transparency, the Diablo IV team will detailpatch 1.1.1 in a new stream tomorrow, complete with community Q&A on changes (and course correction) to come.

Diablo IV Team Promises Transparency, Early Patch Notes, and  'Compelling' Alternate Options Alongside Nerfs

The Diablo IV team is promising greater transparency before making major changes, in response to a wildly negative response to this week's pre-season patch. More tweaks are coming soon, and more features are on the way soon.

The Diablo IV Team Will Respond to Heavily Negative Patch Feedback on a Stream Tomorrow

Season 1 for Diablo IV is live today, and the Diablo team has scheduled the first dev chat of the season. The team will be discussing the heavily negative feedback to this week's patch and what to expect going forward.

Diablo IV Interview: Chatting Season 1 With The Diablo Devs

As we get ready to jump into Diablo IV's first season, three Diablo devs took the time to answer some of the burning questions about how all of this will work.

Diablo IV Unleashes Some Nerfs and Helpful Tweaks to Prepares for Season of the Malignant Tomorrow

Season of the Malignant will dawn in Diablo IV tomorrow. The team is preparing us all for the new season, with everything to know ahead of time. The game has been patched with some fixes, helpful tweaks, and wider nerfs.

5 Things Diablo 4 Should have Included from Previous Games

Having spent thousands of hours across its predecessors, the franchise had plenty of features to love or hate. Nick talks about the things Diablo 4 should have taken from Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 when it launched earlier this summer.

Diablo IV's Palette Swaps and Repetitive Enemies Are Boring Choices in a Fun Game

For a AAA game like Diablo IV, emphasizing scale and how much there is to do, there'saglaring limitation in the constant palette swaps and repetitive enemies.

 Diablo IV Dev Stream Next Week Will Announce Season 1 Details and New Diablo Immortal Class

A new Diablo dev stream next week will unveil Diablo IV Season 1 and Diablo Immortal's new class coming mid-July.

Diablo IV Takes in $666 Million, Reveals Player Stats and Sets Dev 'Campfire Chat' This Friday

Diablo IV had Blizzard's best selling opening in history with a a total of 666 million dollars in global sales through the first five days following the official June 6th launch.