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Acitivision Blizzard Responds To Allegations It Shredded Documents: 'Those Claims Are Not True'

Yesterday reports came out that the California Agency suing Activision Blizzard alleged that the gaming giant shredded documents pertinent to the investigation, claiming that the company was interfereing with its investigation. Activision Blizzard has responded to the allegations, stating that the claims are "not true" and outlines what the company has done since to steer in the right direction.

California Agency Expands Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard To Include Temporary Workers; Alleges Company Interfering With Investigation

In an update to the current ongoing lawsuit filing, it seems the California Department of Fair Housing and Employment have expanded its lawsuit against Activision Blizzard. The expanded lawsuit now includes contract workers in addition to the full time workers the lawsuit was representing. Meanwhile, the DFEH is also alleging that Activision Blizzard is directly interfering with the department's ability to conduct its investigation in relation to the lawsuit.