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Pantheon Development Update Tomorrow Will Dive Deeper into Road to Alpha

Here's a quick public service announcement for all you Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen fans. The team announced they will host a development update live stream tomorrow, May 6.

All DCUO Episodes Will Be Made Free to All Players Ahead of Summer Expansion

The latest development update for DC Universe Online has been published, pointing to some pretty exciting information if you're a player of the MMO. This includes news about the monetization - or lack thereof - of new episodes.

Next Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Scheduled for Friday, April 30

The folks over at Intrepid Studios have announced the date for their next Ashes of Community development update live stream. As expected, the team are accepting questions from the community for the usual Q&A segment.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Confirms 7-8 Dungeons in Development for Alpha One

In the latest live stream for Ashes of Creation, developers Intrepid Studios revealed that they are planning around 7-8 dungeons ready for Alpha One, in addition to more information.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today with Q&A

A new development update live stream for Ashes of Creation is set to take place later today. Here are the details.

Blue Protocol Introduces a Healing NPC in their Latest Update

Bandai Namco's highly anticipated game Blue Protocol released a small teaser tweet that shows off a healing NPC known as "Yee".

Wolcen Team Will Fix Issues Before Adding Features

The latest development update from Wolcen devs discuss their immediate focus of fixing issues before improving features.

Legends of Aria Provides Development Update for Outlands

Point Release 11 is slowly on the way for Legends of Aria, with the team providing a closer look at the Outlands in their latest development update.

Mount & Blade II Bannerlord Development Update Highlights AI, First Person, Companions, More

A new development update for Mount & Blade II Bannerlord takes a look at some recent changes which made their way into 1.5.0 and 1.5.1.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Showed Pre-Alpha Footage of Gathering, Dungeon Fly Through, More

Yesterday's Ashes of Creation live stream provided an update on development, including some pre-alpha footage of gathering, in addition to a dungeon fly through.

New Ashes of Creation Development Update Live Stream Today at 2p EDT

The next Ashes of Creation development update is scheduled for later today at 2p EDT.

Ashes of Creation Development Update Stream July 31

Ashes of Creation's team will hold a live stream on Friday, July 31 at 11a PDT. Here are additional details.

Ashes of Creation June Dev Update Shares Housing Footage

Some early housing footage from Ashes of Creation has been shared as part of the 90 minute development update.