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Ashes of Creation Live Stream Q&A Reveals Additional Details on Nodes

If you missed the previous developer update from Ashes of Creation, don't worry. There were plenty of questions asked by the community which Intrepid Studios addressed.

Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter

Ashes of Creation has given the latest update regarding development with the latest Creative Director's Letter to the community.

Camelot Unchained Outlines New 90-Day Plan

Camelot Unchained gave an update looking back on the month of June, and looking ahead with a new 90-day plan.

Diablo IV Unveils 'The Dry Steppes', Gives Developer Update

The latest quarterly developer for Diablo IV was just posted, showing off one of the five regions of Sanctuary: The Dry Steppes.

Crucible Team Removing Two of the Three Game Modes

Crucible, the MOBA-esque multiplayer co-op shooter from Amazon Game Studios, will see two of its three game modes removed in favor of polish.

Star Citizen Talks Salvage in New Q&A Video

The latest Star Citizen video takes a look at salvage in the persistent universe.

Camelot Unchained Update Talks Bug Hunting

The latest dev update from the Camelot Unchained team discusses the ever-present hunt for bugs.

Ship of Heroes Shares June Progress Report

The upcoming superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes has published their June 1 Progress Report that gives players an update as to how development is progressing.

Magic: Legends Announces Closed Alpha in new State of Development Blog

Magic: Legends has published their first State of Development blog on their website from Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa, and announced an upcoming Close Alpha test.

Crucible Developer Update Acknowledges Launch Issues

In a recent developer update for Crucible, the dev team acknowledges the issues with the launch state of the game.

Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update Discusses Balance Changes and Upcoming Features

A recent Warcraft III: Reforged developer update from Blizzard shares an update on the team's progress, while teasing upcoming features.

Jeff Kaplan Discusses Overwatch Competitive Open Queue and More In Dev Update

The latest dev update for Overwatch features Jeff (from the Overwatch team) outlining competitive open queue, and more.