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PSA: Ashes of Creation Dev Stream Later Today

Intrepid Studios has announced their next live stream for Ashes of Creation. Oh hey, that live stream is happening later today. Read on for details.

Ashes of Creation Live Stream Today with Q&A

A new development update live stream for Ashes of Creation is set to take place later today. Here are the details.

Ashes of Creation Dev Update Shows Off Early Combat Footage

In the latest dev update for Ashes of Creation, the team showed off early combat and much more.

Atlas Q&A Talks Optimization, New Ships, More

The most recent Q&A for Atlas takes touches on optimization, new ships, and more.

New Ashes of Creation Development Update Live Stream Today at 2p EDT

The next Ashes of Creation development update is scheduled for later today at 2p EDT.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Patch Notes Address Several Additions to Animations

Animation work was the latest focus of the most recent Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen dev stream.

Magic: Legends Details the 'Director' System

Magic: Legends has revealed a new system they are implementing called the 'Director' which will dynamically change missions to enhance play experience.

TennoCon 2020 Delayed To August

In a new video from Steve Sinclair, the creative director for Warframe, they announced that TennoCon 2020 is being delayed to August 1.

Jeff Kaplan Discusses Overwatch Competitive Open Queue and More In Dev Update

The latest dev update for Overwatch features Jeff (from the Overwatch team) outlining competitive open queue, and more.