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Path of Exile Shares 3.10.1d Patch Notes

Grinding Gear Games have shared patch notes for patch 3.10.1d for Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Team Shares Designing Delirium's Unique Items

The Path of Exile team has shared some additional information on how they designed some of Delirium's unique items.

Path of Exile Announces Changes to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive

The Path of Exile team has shared changes to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive due out in a patch later this week.

Path of Exile Previews Patch 3.10.1

Path of Exile has shared notes for its upcoming 3.10.1 update which includes Delirium improvements as well as improvements all around.

Grinding Gear Games Shares Update on Path of Exile Behind the Scenes

The team behind Path of Exile have shared an update on what they’re working on behind the scenes.

Path of Exile Delirium Launches Today for PC

As a reminder, Path of Exile’s latest expansion, Delirium, is available today on PC.

Path of Exile Outlines Atlas of Worlds Changes

Path of Exile is receiving changes to the Atlas of Worlds as per their latest community update.

Path of Exile's Delirium Expansion Is Looking Incredible

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak with Path of Exile Managing Director, Chris Wilson, for nearly an hour about their upcoming expansion, Delirium. Our conversation ranged from the ethos behind the expansion, to new mechanics, the passive tree, and much more.