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Overwatch Removes Phone Requirement From Some Accounts, Working On Server Stability After DDoS

Overwatch 2 has had a rough go the last few days since launch, that's for certain. The team at Blizzard released an update to the fans late last night detailing ways they are ensuring players can get into the hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 Still Facing Long Queues, Requires Phone To Play While Excluding Prepaid Numbers

Overwatch 2 is still facing long queues after its free-to-play launch was hit with massive server queues as well as a launch-day DDoS attack. While those issues are still being worked out, those lucky enough to play are being hit with another wall: the requirement to connect your phone with Blizzard's SMS two-factor authorization.

Zenith: The Last City Announces Some Server Closures, Goes Down Briefly After DDoS Attacks

Zenith: the Last City briefly went down due to malicious attacks that came after Ramen VR announced some server closures to ensure healthier populations.

Bungie Reaffirms They Listen to the Community and Not Just Streamers

Bungie's Community Manager responded to a Reddit post earlier today centered around Bungie Employees that play Destiny 2 Trials with famous streamers.  

Blizzard Experiences DDOS Attacks, Seem to Have Subsided

Blizzard experienced several DDOS - distributed denial of service - attacks earlier today for World of Warcraft. Fortunately, these looked to have been cleared up.

EVE Online Gifting Free Skill Points to Players as Thank You for DDOS Attack Patience

A new EVE Online video addresses compensation for players for the DDOS attacks which took place earlier.