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Is There an MMORPG You Wish You Could Play Again for the First Time? | One Good Roll

Do you remember the feeling you had the first time you found "that" MMORPG? In this week's One Good Roll Steven asks, "If you could go back and replay an MMORPG with fresh eyes, which one would it be?"

DC Universe Online's New Roadmap Delays Episode 44 To Fall Due To Staff Shortages

In a new development update, DC Universe Online's dev team detailed some of the roadmap players can expect through the rest of the year, including news that Episode 44 will now be delayed into October. Dimensional Ink cites the reason for this due to staffing shortages.

DCUO & The Chowderhead Crusades

How does DCUO inspire someone to to write a novel heralded as "the comic book nerd's Ready Player One?" Scott sat down with author J.J. Walsh to find out how MMOs inspired him.

DC Universe Online Is Celebrating Batman Day With Free Gifts For All Players

Batman Day is upon us and DC Universe Online is getting into the festivities by giving away Batman-themed gifts in the super hero MMO. Dimensional Ink Games is giving both members and free-to-play players plenty of Batman stuff to play with from now through the end of the month.

Grab Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards All Month Long in DCUO

This month is the first full month where you can grab Doctor Fate's daily rewards in DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online House of Legends Out Now

If you missed it with all the Gamescom info yesterday (we don't blame you), DC Universe Online's Episode 41 House of Legends is out now.

DCUO House of Legends Launching August 25 on PC and Console

We've got a release date for DC Universe Online's next episode, House of Legends for PC and consoles.

DCUO Brings Double Nth Metal Drop Rates This Week

DC Universe Online's Bonus Nth Metal Week begins today giving you more chances to acquire Nth metal as drops.

DCUO Episode 41 Launches August, Adds Allies System, Endgame Changes

The DC Universe Online team is back with their July 2021 Development Update with key items including the release of Episode 41 this august. Additionally, the update outlines new membership and access level details.

DCUO Makes it Easier to Report Toxicity

Toxicity is something we all experience and witness in gaming. It sucks. Fortunately, the DC Universe Online team have made it easier to report toxicity.

DCUO Update 114 Brings Tides of War Summer Event

Update 114 for DC Universe Online is here and brings with it the Tides of War summer event, in addition to several other updates. Here are the details.

DCUO Death of Superman Event Going On Now

DC Universe Online's latest event is the Death of Superman and it's going now through June 9. This'll be your chance at new rewards, bonus currency, and more.

PSA: DC Universe Online Bonus Nth Metal Week Ends Wednesday

Here's a quick PSA for those of you playing DC Universe Online. The Bonus Nth Metal Week is set to end this Wednesday. In case you want to hop in and check it out, here's what you need to know before the event ends.

All DCUO Episodes Will Be Made Free to All Players Ahead of Summer Expansion

The latest development update for DC Universe Online has been published, pointing to some pretty exciting information if you're a player of the MMO. This includes news about the monetization - or lack thereof - of new episodes.

MMO Reroll - DC Universe Online

Mitch tackles DC Universe Online in this edition of MMO Reroll. How does it stack up in 2021?