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DC Universe Online Details Episode 45: Shock to the System and 2023 Roadmap

New details from DC Universe Online about Episode 45: Shock to the System due this spring. The team also released a 2023 roadmap overview.

DC Universe Online Celebrates Its 12th Year With Its Anti-Monitor Event

DC Universe is celebrating its twelfth year with the return of its Anti-Monitor anniversary event, complete with new rewards and more to earn during the anniversary celebration.

DC Universe Online Releases Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule, With Black Adam the Newest Ally

With The Sins of Black Adam coming next week, DC Universe Online has released the Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule, and added Black Adam to the list of Allies.

DC Universe Online's Next Episode, The Sins of Black Adam, Releases October 26th

DC Universe Online is trucking along with its latest episode, The Sins of Black Adam, now revealed to be coming to all platforms on October 26th.

The Witching Hour Returns to DC Universe Online With New Feats, Style Items, and Spooky Fun

It's The Witching Hour again in DC Universe Online, with the return of the Halloween event. Expect new base items, new feats, and some style items.

DC Universe Online Opens Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Event and Reveals a Roadmap For The Rest of 2022

Dimensional Ink is loading up DC Universe Online for a slate of activities for fall, with the Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event now, Episode 44: Sins of Black Adam in October, and a content roadmap to see out 2022.

Is There an MMORPG You Wish You Could Play Again for the First Time? | One Good Roll

Do you remember the feeling you had the first time you found "that" MMORPG? In this week's One Good Roll Steven asks, "If you could go back and replay an MMORPG with fresh eyes, which one would it be?"

Has an MMO Inspired You to Take Action in Real Life? | One Good Roll

Steven has recently been inspired by an MMO to step away from his computer for a fresh new experience in real life. Read about his experience and then hop into the comments and tell us about how games have inspired you!

DC Universe Online's New Roadmap Delays Episode 44 To Fall Due To Staff Shortages

In a new development update, DC Universe Online's dev team detailed some of the roadmap players can expect through the rest of the year, including news that Episode 44 will now be delayed into October. Dimensional Ink cites the reason for this due to staffing shortages.

Take on Perpetua and Save the Multiverse in DC Universe Online's Latest Episode, Dark Knights

Perpetua is working to reshape and destroy the Multiverse, and it's up to heroes and villains teaming up to stop her. This is what you can expect from the latest DC Universe Online episode: Dark Knights.

DC Universe Online Adds Ultraviolet Nightmare Bosses, Legion of Doom Feats, and Tweaks Early Endgame

DC Universe Online's latest update continues the Legion of Doom content with the Ultraviolet Nightmare Bosses, adds new Legion feats, a new Artifact, and changes from feedback on Omnibus and early endgame content.

DC Universe Online Celebrates 11th Anniversary With Events And Gifts For Players

It's anniversary time again for DC Universe Online, with the free-to-play MMORPG celebrating its 11th year since release. This year's event, running from January 11th through the 31st, will see players participate in the anniversary event as well as get some freebies as a thank you from the Dimensional Ink team.

DC Universe Online Takes Action on Exploiters After Fixing 'Obscure and Challenging' Bug

DC Universe Online is still working through the effects after patching a significant bug and resulting exploit, suspending over 800 accounts and promising additional investigation and likely bans to come.

Legion of Doom Brings Mayhem and Rewards to DC Universe Online, While Seasons Greedings Returns

The latest update for DC Universe Online, features the latest episode, Legion of Doom. In the update, there will be plenty of villains to threaten the day and challenge all takers in features like a new duo, an alert, and a new raid.

DC Universe Online's Latest Update Improves Loot Rewards, Adjusts Allies to Account Wide

The latest update to DC Universe Online now makes every Ally you purchase account wide, improves the way Omnibus bosses and your weekly reward boxes reward loot, and makes changes to end game scaling.