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EverQuest's Night of Shadows Expansion is Coming December 6th

It's almost time for Night of Shadows, the next expansion for EverQuest. The team showed some of the gear you can get from the upcoming content along with a reminder that the release is getting ever closer.

PlanetSide 2 10th Anniversary Update Adds New CTF-Based Mechanic, Double XP, and Added Polish

PlanetSide 2  first launched on PC on November 20, 2012, and Rogue Planet Games has kicked off a 10th anniversary update to celebrate. There's a new CTF-inspired mechnic, Capture the Conduit, double XP, swag, and improvements.

DC Universe Online Releases Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule, With Black Adam the Newest Ally

With The Sins of Black Adam coming next week, DC Universe Online has released the Secrets of Kahndaq Time Capsule, and added Black Adam to the list of Allies.

Magic Online Has Now Officially Been Moved Under The Daybreak Umbrella

After a long downtime yesterday, Magic the Gathering Online has now officially been migrated to Daybreak's servers, marking a new era in the long-running online version of the incredibly popular table top game.

Grab Spooky New Items and a Mount in Nights of the Dead, Returning to EverQuest II

It's EverQuest II's turn to join in on the spooky annual event, Nights of the Dead. There are new items, including a new mount, and challenges.

It's Spooky Time Again As EverQuest Opens Nights of the Dead

It's October, so that means Halloween and fall events in all your favorite MMORPGs. EverQuest is the latest to bring its event back, with Nights of the Dead starting today.

The Witching Hour Returns to DC Universe Online With New Feats, Style Items, and Spooky Fun

It's The Witching Hour again in DC Universe Online, with the return of the Halloween event. Expect new base items, new feats, and some style items.

Renewal of Ro Is EverQuest II's 19th Expansion, With Beta Starting Next Week

In the final quarterly EverQuest II roadmap update, we get the 19th expansion title, Renewal of Ro. Beta begins for the expansion next week.

DC Universe Online Opens Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Event and Reveals a Roadmap For The Rest of 2022

Dimensional Ink is loading up DC Universe Online for a slate of activities for fall, with the Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event now, Episode 44: Sins of Black Adam in October, and a content roadmap to see out 2022.

EverQuest Will Offer Level 100 Heroic Characters For Sale Next Week, But No Free Characters At This Time

Next week, EverQuest will be getting new level 100 Heroic characters for sale,  along with a number of bonuses and gear to take on Norrath.

EverQuest II Oceansfull is Here to End the Summer Jubilee With New Dungeons, Rewards, and Items

It's the last call for Summer Jubilee in EverQuest II with the arrival of the Oceansfull event. The event features a new quest, new dungeon, nre and returning items, and more.

EverQuest II's Latest Update, Myths & Monoliths Brings Raids, Quest Content, and Many Dragons

EverQuest II's latest update, Myths & Monoliths, is live, bringing The Fabled Veeshan's Peak raid (with dragons), and others, merchant updates, special new items, and of course, new quest content.

Test Out the Next Major Update, Myths and Monoliths, in the New EverQuest II Beta

Beta testing for the next Everquest II update, Myths and Monoliths, is now open. Any player can join the test, to help the team put the finishing touches on the next major update.

EverQuest Roadmap Update Details Server Merges, Events, and How the Next Expansion is Coming Along

Roadmap update for EverQuest shows completed server merges, and updates on development of the next expansion, which should see beta this October.

Permadeath Challenge Hardcore League is Back Next Week in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Next week, Hardcore League 6 brings back the hardest Dungeons & Dragons Online mode with permadeath and a challenge for all that feel confident enough to attempt it.