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Test Out the Next Major Update, Myths and Monoliths, in the New EverQuest II Beta

Beta testing for the next Everquest II update, Myths and Monoliths, is now open. Any player can join the test, to help the team put the finishing touches on the next major update.

EverQuest Roadmap Update Details Server Merges, Events, and How the Next Expansion is Coming Along

Roadmap update for EverQuest shows completed server merges, and updates on development of the next expansion, which should see beta this October.

Permadeath Challenge Hardcore League is Back Next Week in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Next week, Hardcore League 6 brings back the hardest Dungeons & Dragons Online mode with permadeath and a challenge for all that feel confident enough to attempt it.

EverQuest II Has Officially Migrated Service to 64-Bit Servers and Clients

EverQuest II has migrated to its promised 64-bit servers and clients. The change went into effect yesterday, and will allow for continued long-term development and improved overall performance.

EverQuest Scorched Sky Celebration Returns With New Quests, a New Mission, and Flame Themed Mysteries

It's Scorched Sky Celebration time again in EverQuest. This year's event features three new quests, a new mission, new Agents, and six new Overseer quests.

EverQuest Adds Torment of Velious to The List of Free Expansions for All

EverQuest  is adding another of its long list of expansions to the free to play list for all. This time, 2019's Torment of Velious is making the move, and is available to play now.

Tinkerfest Returns to EverQuest II and Opens the New Summer Jubilee

Tinkerfest returns to EverQuest II today through June 15th. This year, it also marks the beginning of the new Summer Jubilee event.

Hardcore Heritage Returns to EverQuest, Offering Increased Difficulty and Rewards

Hardcore Heritage is back in EverQuest. Head to some zones you may not have been to in a while for increased difficulty and increased rewards.

EG7 Cancels Marvel MMO, Will Redirect Assets To Current Projects

Daybreak Games' parent company, Enad Global 7, has announced it will be dropping its in-development Marvel project, instead taking the funds earmarked for the game and diversifying them through investing in its current projects.

EverQuest II Launches New Summer Jubilee, Folding In Summer Events for Cumulative Bonus Opportunities

EverQuest II has its first Summer Jubilee going on now. The event folds in existing events like Scorched Sky, Tinkerfest, and Oceansfull Festival for ongoing and cumulative bonus opportunities.

PlanetSide 2 Adds New Empire-Specific Rifles and Marks 19 Years of the PlanetSide Franchise With Double XP

The PlanetSide franchise began when the original game launched on May 20, 2003. PlanetSide 2's latest update adds Empire-specific rifles, some performance tweaks, and lots of celebration.

Details Announced for EverQuest's Upcoming Server Merges in June

Details are out for EverQuest's upcoming server merges set to happen on June 15th.

EverQuest II's Varsoon Time Locked Expansion Server Will Open on May 24th

A new TLE is coming to EverQuest II, with Varsoon officially dated for May 24th.

EverQuest II Opens Beta for Upcoming Time-Locked Expansion Server Varsoon

This month, EverQuest II is getting a new Time-Locked Expansion Server, Varsoon. Darkpaw Games has opened beta testing for the TLE ahead of its release.

EverQuest Introduces the All New Tempest Festival

A new event has landed in EverQuest - the Tempest Festival celebrates rain and Karana's blessings through May 15th.