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Neverwinter: Milestone III of The Redeemed Citadel is Available Now

Neverwinter has now released Milestone III of the Redeemed Citadel, which brings a new campaign, new Leaderboard goals, new rewards to earn, and a new Heroic encounter. The Redeemed Citadel will require a level 80 character and completion of the Avernus campaign.

Star Trek Online - House Divided Update Comes to Consoles Today

Today, Perfect World Entertainment is bringing the Star Trek Online: House Divided update to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. House Divided is the 20th season of the ever expanding 10-year MMORPG

Magic: Legends - Necromancer Class Announced as One of Five Planeswalker Launch Characters

In an announcement from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, Magic: Legends is going to receive the Necromancer class as one of the five Planeswalker classes released at launch. The Necromancer will be themed around black mana from the Magic: The Gathering game.

Magic: Legends Announces the Sanctifier Class

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released details on one more of the five Planeswalker classes that will be available at the launch of Magic: Legends, the Sanctifier. This support class is inspired by the radiance of the sun, and is meant to be associated with Magic: The Gathering's white mana.

Neverwinter: Avernus and Star Trek Online: House Divided Launch on PC

Cryptic Studios will be celebrating 20 years of game development with the launch of Star Trek Online: House Divided and Neverwinter Avernus on PC.

Magic: Legends Releases First Dev Diary Talking Its Creation

Cryptic Studios opened up a bit today with the release of their first dev diary, touching on the creation of Magic: Legends.