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Neverwinter's First Class Since 2016 Is The Bard

Neverwinter is getting a new class, the Bard, marking the first time since 2016 the Cryptic developed MMORPG has seen a new class added.

A Year In, How MMO Developers Maintained Their Game Worlds During The Global Pandemic

We're a year into this pandemic now and the gaming industry has been affected in ways that it likely will see it changed forever. However, maintaining an MMO, something that is always expected to be online and polished, is tricky from an office, even moreso from home. We spoke to multiple MMO studios about the experience and talked about the changes the pandemic forced on the studios themselves.

Magic: Legends Talks Tomorrow's Patch, Future Plans For ARPG In New State Of The Game Blog

Magic: Legends has had a rough launch in its open beta last week. The ARPG set in the iconic Magic: The Gathering multiverse has seen its share of criticism over its monetization, loot drop rate and much more. Today the team at Cryptic released an update with some news on what tomorrow's update to the beta will look like.

Magic: Legends Posts State of the Game: Open Beta - Changes to Monetization and Performance Coming

Steve Ricossa, the Executive Producer for Magic: Legends has released a State of the Game: Open Beta article which details some of the changes headed to the game. The article identifies and clarifies some points on monetization, end game, performance and more.

Magic: Legends Preview - Planeswalking My Way Through The Multiverse

Taking an iconic IP like Magic:The Gathering and giving it new life in another medium is no easy task, but it's one that Cryptic Studios is currently undertaking with their ARPG Magic: Legends.  We sat down in a play session with the Magic: Legends team to check out the ARPG in action ahead of next week's beta test.

Magic: Legends Showcases Three Iconic Characters Coming In ARPG

Magic: The Gathering is full of iconic characters, and the Magic: Legends team has brought a few of them into their vision of the multiverse in the upcoming ARPG.

Neverwinter's Sharandar Module Delayed On Console To March 16th

Today it was announced that Neverwinter's upcoming Sharandar module will be delayed on console, moving to release on March 16th.

Magic: Legends Drops New Gameplay Trailer, Epic Planeswalker Starter Pack Free Through April 6th

Armed with a new gameplay trailer, Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced today that their upcoming open beta for Magic: Legends will be coming to the Epic Games Store next month with an exclusive Epic Planeswalker Starter pack.

Magic: Legends Explores The Multiverse, Highlighting Launch Locations For Upcoming ARPG

Magic: Legends pulled back the veil a bit on what players can expect at launch, giving something of a primer for the Multiverse seen in the ARPG based on the popular card game.

Magic: Legends Heads to Open Beta in March

After more than 100K Closed Alpha testers helped shape the progress of Magic: Legends it's time for Magic fans who weren't invited to the Alpha tests to join Cryptic for their Open Beta PC launch on March 23rd, 2021.

Neverwinter Reveals Next Module, Sharandar, Coming To PC February 9th

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed its next module in their Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, Neverwinter. Titled Sharandar, the new content will be a three-episode module with the first episode, titled "The Iron Tooth" will hit PC on February 9th, consoles to follow a month later.

Neverwinter: Milestone III of The Redeemed Citadel is Available Now

Neverwinter has now released Milestone III of the Redeemed Citadel, which brings a new campaign, new Leaderboard goals, new rewards to earn, and a new Heroic encounter. The Redeemed Citadel will require a level 80 character and completion of the Avernus campaign.

Star Trek Online - House Divided Update Comes to Consoles Today

Today, Perfect World Entertainment is bringing the Star Trek Online: House Divided update to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. House Divided is the 20th season of the ever expanding 10-year MMORPG

Magic: Legends - Necromancer Class Announced as One of Five Planeswalker Launch Characters

In an announcement from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, Magic: Legends is going to receive the Necromancer class as one of the five Planeswalker classes released at launch. The Necromancer will be themed around black mana from the Magic: The Gathering game.

Magic: Legends Announces the Sanctifier Class

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released details on one more of the five Planeswalker classes that will be available at the launch of Magic: Legends, the Sanctifier. This support class is inspired by the radiance of the sun, and is meant to be associated with Magic: The Gathering's white mana.