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Neverwinter The Way of the Drow Event Features Northdark Reaches Info and a Free Gift

Neverwinter is marking the recent release of the Northdark Reaches module with the new Way of the Drow event, including new behind the scenes info and a choice of a free themed gift.

Preview Neverwinter Northdark Reaches' Temple of the Spider Rework

Preview the revamped Temple of the Spider dungeon in Neverwinter's next module, Northdark Reaches.

Neverwinter's Next Module, Northdark Reaches, is a Collaboration With RA Salvatore and Son Geno

The next module for Neverwinter, Northdark Reaches, will be out on November 8th. This module has been developed in collaboration with RA Salvatore and his son, Geno Salvatore, based on the first two books in the elder Salvatore's The Way of the Drow trilogy.

Neverwinter Is Hosting A Masquerade And Contest Of Liars To Celebrate The Season With New Rewards

Neverwinter has brought the spooky season to Faerun, hosting a Masquerade and the Contest of Liars to celebrate. The events start on October 21st and give players the chance to show their spooky side and earn some rewards in the process.

Neverwinter Update Follows Up On Feedback That Changes How the Dev Team Rebalances Items

The Neverwinter team's latest update fixes some bugs, and makes some important balance changes. These changes follow an earlier community update and a vow to change the item balance process.

Star Trek Online Is Bringing Wesley Crusher To The MMO In Ascension On September 13th

Star Trek Online has a history of bringing iconic characters from the universe to its game, and today during Star Trek Day, Cryptic revealed that Wil Wheaton would be reprising his role as Wesley Crusher in the upcoming Star Trek Online: Ascension.

Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira Starts On June 30th

Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira kicks off this week, bringing fireworks and daily quests to Protector's Enclave. The annual event sees players honoring to Goddess of Joy in a celebration that is sure to light up Neverwinter.

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Dragonslayer Module With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter's Dragonslayer update launches today, and we had the chance to talk about the upcoming update with the Cryptc team.

Neverwinter: Devblog Talks the Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure, As Dragonslayer Opens on Preview Shard

A new Neverwinter devblog covers tonverting Tyranny of Dragons into an Epic Adventure and the upcoming Dragonslayer module lands on the PC preview shard.

Interview: Talking Star Trek Online With Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig

Star Trek Online has hummed along now for over a decade, bringing players to space and allowing them to explore strange new worlds. But what's it like to create those worlds, especially in the broader universe that Star Trek Online inhabits? We spoke to Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig about building the MMO and what it's been like working on such a fabled IP.

Scaleblight Mythal, the Epic Adventure and Conclusion to Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale, is Live on PC

Today, Neverwinter PC players can take on the Epic Adventure and conclusion of Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale module: Scaleblight Mythal.

Stop The Threat of Dragons and Explore With Grappling Hooks in Neverwinter's New Module, Dragonbone Vale

Neverwinter's newest module, Dragonbone Vale, is out on PC. It features returning enemies, a new faction reputation system, new zone and campaign, and vertical exploration for the first time with the new grappling hooks.

Star Trek Online: Donny Versiga Developer Interview

MMORPG.COM got a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the starships of Star Trek Online come to life and how an artist followed his passion for Star Trek. Donny Versiga designs starships and environments for Star Trek Online. His love for Star Trek began at a very young age, as he watched the series with his dad and often paused the show to sketch out the ships. Now he is responsible for generating the model, textures, and materials to either recreate the ships from the IP's most popula

Magic: Legends Shut Down Sees Layoffs Hit Cryptic Studios

As Magic: Legends winds down, shuttering before it ever existed its open beta, Cryptic Studios has been hit with layoffs due to the closure. According to a former employee at Cryptic, the team has been hit with 44 employees laid off who were working on Legends.

Neverwinter Breaks Down Its New Adventures System

Coming with Module 21, Cryptic is testing new waters with a new way to play through Neverwinter's content. The Adventure system is meant to be what the development studio calls a "new and intuitive" way to play.