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The RPG Files: Jumping Back Into Neverwinter Is Giving Me My D&D Fix Again

Neverwinter is an MMO that has been around for quite some time, though it's one Bradford tried at launch and let it fall by the wayside. With a renewed interest in Dungeons and Dragons, he's picked it back up. And to his delight, it's rather fun still.

Interview: Talking Star Trek Online With Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig

Star Trek Online has hummed along now for over a decade, bringing players to space and allowing them to explore strange new worlds. But what's it like to create those worlds, especially in the broader universe that Star Trek Online inhabits? We spoke to Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig about building the MMO and what it's been like working on such a fabled IP.

Magic: Legends Shutting Down Before It Officially Launches, Servers Closing October 31st

Magic: Legends, the ARPG set in the Magic card game's Multiverse, is shutting down before it ever officially began, seeing its servers shutter on October 31st.

Neverwinter's Module 21 Level Squish Detailed By Developers In New Developer Blog

Neverwinter is getting a level squish as part of an upcoming update, bringing an adjusted level cap of 20 with Module 21. The team talked about why the squish was needed, as well as the ramifications it will have on Neverwinter.

MMO ReRoll - Neverwinter

Mitch is back with another MMO ReRoll. This time, Mitch takes a look at Cryptic's Neverwinter and how it holds up years after is initial release.

Neverwinter's Sharandar Episode 2 Is Out On Console, Announces Episode 3

Cryptic Studios' Neverwinter is celebrating the release of its Sharandar module's Epide 2: The Soul Keeper on console. To celebrate, the team announced its upcoming Episode 3: The Odious Court will be out in June on PC.

Magic: Legends Is Hosting A World Enchantment Weekend Event Starting May 6th

Maro's Monkey Business is an upcoming weekend event for Magic: Legends, starting on May 6th and running through May 10th.

Neverwinter Re-Opens The Hell Pit Arena Event, Coming April 29th

Neverwinter is bringing back The Hell Pit for players to test their might. Coming April 29th, the return of The Hell Pit is just one in a "series of events" that Neverwinter players will see throughout the rest of the year.

Magic: Legends Released Its Mid-April Update And Takes Stock Of The State Of The Open Beta

Magic: Legends released their large mid-April update this week, bringing over 500 fixes to the ARPG since it launched in Open Beta last month. Executive Producer Steven Ricossa took to the blog to talk about what is still coming for the ARPG in the future, including more performance fixes.

5 Things I like (And 5 I Don't) About The Magic: Legends Open Beta

Mitch has been checking out the Magic: Legends beta for the past few days and has some thoughts. Check out 5 things he likes from the beta, and 5 he doesn't.

Magic: Legends Impressions - How Does The Magic ARPG Hold Up In The Early Hours?

Magic: Legends launched in Open Beta earlier this week, and with it brings the card game's multiverse to the PC ARPG. We covered how the ARPG itself felt in a preview last week, but now that we have had a chance to go hands on ourselves in a live setting and check out the progression naturally for ourselves, how does the early hours of Cryptic's take on Magic: The Gathering fare?

Here's Why Magic: Legends Stopped Referring To Itself As An MMO, According To Developer

During our play session of Magic: Legends last week, I had the chance to talk about the ARPG with Principal Lead Designer Adam Hetenyi. During our session, I asked something that as been on my mind for quite a while regarding Legends: Why doesn't Cryptic refer to it as an MMO anymore?

Magic: Legends Details Difficulty Ahead Of This Month's Beta

Magic: Legends hits open beta later this month, and the ARPG is trying to give Planeswalkers a glimpse into some of the challenges they will be facing when they can enter the Magic Multiverse.

PAX East 2020 - Magic Legends Hands On

At PAX East last weekend, Jonathan had a chance to go hands-on with the upcoming Magic: Legends.