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Crowfall Reveals Their Roadmap for Short, Medium, Long Term

In a recent post in their Discord, the Crowfall team have revealed their roadmap outlining their timeline for the short, medium, and long terms.

Transmog Recipes Should Once Again Work in Crowfall

The latest Live patch for Crowfall has been pushed and brings with it a fix for transmog recipes.

Crowfall Live Patch Tweaks Powers, On Track to Invite 12.2 Group Soon

A new live patch for Crowfall has hit the servers and brings a few tweaks to powers. Additionally, the team has confirmed 12.2 invites will be going out soon.

Crowfall's Release Is 'Very Close,' According To New Developer Interview

In an interview with MassivelyOP, Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman stated that the beta MMO is "very close" to launch this year, stating that the team has transitioned mostly from adding new things to the MMO to bug fixes and polish.

New Crowfall TEST Patch Stops Your Equipment From Dropping

A new test patch for Crowfall is here and now stops your equipment from dropping. Yup.

Crowfall Extends Buddy Codes Beta Time

Crowfall has announced that beta access time has been extended for buddy codes.

You Can Vote for The Crowfall Creators of the Year

Voting is underway for the Best Crowfall Creator of the Year. Be sure to cast your vote.

Crowfall Receiving New Vessel Progression System and More in 2021

Crowfall laid out its plans for 2021 on their Kickstarter page earlier, pointing to a new vessel progression system and more.

Crowfall Q&A Scheduled for Tomorrow

The Crowfall team is set to host a new live stream tomorrow, January 5, where they'll discuss what's next for the game.

Crowfall's Decapathon Event Is Live

A lot of heads will separated from their bodies in Crowfall's Decapathon event going on now through January 5.

Crowfall Looks Back at 2020 and Teases What Lies Ahead

The Crowfall reflected on 2020 in a recent blog post while looking ahead to what's in store for 2021.

Disciplines Get Tweaked in Crowfall Test Patch

The latest Crowfall test patch introduces several adjustments for Disciplines along with more tweaks.

Crowfall Receives Convergence Update for Passive Skills

The Convergence update for Crowfall is now live bringing a transition of sorts for the passive skills system into...convergence.

Crowfall's Latest TEST Patch Brings Fixes for the Campaign

The newest TEST patch notes are here for Crowfall bringing about some changes and fixes to the campaign and more.

Crowfall Test Patch Adjusts Powers and Disciplines

The latest Crowfall test patch is here and brings further changes to powers and disciplines.