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Here's Your First Look at Crowfall's Druid

As the Crowfall team continues to share out new looks at their new specialization system, we now have our first look at the Druid class.

Join Crowfall's Battle Test, Get Rewarded

Crowfall's team needs your help starting today to stress test their game. Oh and you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

New Crowfall NA/EU Campaigns Are Live

Crowfall has received new campaigns for NA and EU on the LIVE servers. Here are the details.

Crowfall's Character Specialization System Gets Revamped for Greater Variability

The player specialization system for Crowfall is getting enhanced as was revealed in a live stream earlier featuring Creative Director J. Todd Coleman.

Crowfall Weekend TEST Focuses on Alliances

Crowfall is hosting another round of weekend testing this week, once again focusing on Alliances.

You're Worth More: 5 MMOs Centered Around Player Driven Economies

Josh breaks down a his list of the top 5 MMOs centered around a player driven economy.

Crowfall Wants Your Assistance in Their 'Getting Started' Series

The Crowfall team is looking for the community's help in contributing to their Getting Started series by providing some short tips.

Crowfall Recieving a New EU Campaign Today

If you're in the EU and are currently partaking in the Crowfall beta, good news. A new campaign is set to go live today.

Crowfall Adds Guild Alliances and Mounts in Latest Update

Crowfall has just updated the game with a new Alliance system, allowing guilds to make Alliances to take over territories, or break Alliances when necessary to further their strategy. Additional features were added in the update as well, including mounts, faction chests, and performance improvements.

Crowfall Test Patch Fixes Eternal Kingdom and UI

A recent test patch for Crowfall has brought about some fixes to both Eternal Kingdom and UI.

New Crowfall Test Build Brings Fix to Alliances

A new update to the Crowfall test server brings about some changes to Alliances.

Latest Crowfall Test Patch Finally Lets You Interact with the Pedestal During Gods Reach New Player Experience

The latest Crowfall test patch for The Calling update introduces several fixes, including a fix for a pesky bug involving a pedestal.

Latest Crowfall Patch Is All About Fixing Issues

The most recent beta patch for Crowfall squarely aims at fixing a bunch of existing issues.

Performance Should Improve With The Latest Crowfall Patch

Crowfall received a new patch for its TEST build, with performance set to improve.


The last AAA MMORPG was released in 2014. Nick examines this issue with the MMO genre and reflects on the past, present and future of the genre.