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Final Fantasy Death Box Causes Outrage Among Apex Legends Fans Due To Its Outrageous Price

The crossover between highly acclaimed FPS Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is off to a rocky start, as monetization on one specific Death Box has gone too far for some fans. 

Apex Legends Meets Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in a Legendary Crossover

A teaser trailer for the Apex Legends and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth crossover has been released, showcasing new skins, weapons, cosmetics and more. 

Grab The Elder Scrolls Online For Free On Epic Games Store Until July 27th

It looks like the leak last week was true, as The Elder Scrolls Online is free on the Epic Games Store now through July 27th. It's just the base game, but it's a start if you've never dove into the MMO before.

Rumors Swirl That The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Free On Epic Next Week Alongside Fortnite Crossover

Epic Games' next round of free games is slated to arrive on July 20th with ZeniMax's MMO The Elder Scrolls Online headlining. This is while rumors are swirling that the next Fortnite crossover will include the Elder Scrolls Online.

Conqueror's Blade and Naraka: Bladepoint Join Together for a Special Crossover Event

Conqueror's Blade and Naraka: Bladepoint start a new crossover event tomorrow. With mysterious rifts opening all over the land, a new challenge will emerge. 

Lost Ark's Witcher Crossover Event Is Coming On January 18th, Brings Daily And Story Quests To MMOARPG

The long-teased Witcher crossover event with Lost Ark has finally got a release date. Coming on January 18th, players will be able to work with series regulars such as Geralt of Rivia, Dandelion, Triss Merigold and more in a new story and daily quests to earn new items inspired by the Polish fantasy epic.

Lost Ark x The Witcher Event Gets New Details, and Will Launch in January

More details on the Lost Ark collaboration with The Witcher have been revealed, and it will be out in January 2023. Expect quests, cosmetics, new customization scar options, and more.

RuneScape and Old School RS Bring Skins, Capes, and the Grind to Smite Next Week in a New Crossover

Details are out on the crossover event between RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and Hi-Rez's MOBA, Smite. The collaboration begins next week on November 15th.

Opinion: Give Me The MMO - Fighting Game Cross Over No One Else Is Asking For

Bradford has two gaming loves: MMOs and the FGC, or fighting game community. Oftentimes he's thought about how those two passions could meld into some fighting game, MMO hybrid. But would it work?

Black Desert Teams Up With Netflix's Cursed In New Crossover

Black Desert has teamed up with Netflix's new series Cursed, rolling out new themed quests on PC, Console and Mobile platforms.

MapleStory Receives ISEKAI QUARTET Crossover Event in March 11

MapleStory is receiving a crossover with ISEKAI QUARTET in a new event running from March 11 to April 7.