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How Important Is Crafting To You In An MMO?

When RuneScape first sunk its teeth into Bradford, crafting was a major reason why. Creating new armors for his friends, creating magic runes and more kept him hooked in the world. Fast forward almost two decades later, though, and crafting barely registers on his radar. It makes him wonder how important crafting is to the average MMO fan.

New World's Cooking Makes Me Long For LotRO's Farming

New World's cooking aims to give the player realistic recipes to follow when making that next melon tart or shooter sandwich, but with so many ingredients dependent on luck to find, it makes Bradford wish for his days farming in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Brings Broker, Revamped Crafting, More

The latest beta patch for Mortal Online 2 brings the broker, a revamp to crafting, and more improvements and fixes. Read on for details.

Ashes of Creation Asks You About Crafting

The next Dev Discussion is here from the Ashes of Creation team. This time, they want your thoughts on crafting.

Crowfall Test Build Tweak Crafting and UI

Recent patch notes for the beta build of Crowfall point to several changes and fixes for crafting and UI. If you're currently checking out the game in its beta form, here's what you'll want to look out for during your time in-game.

Lineage 2: Revolution Update Allows You to Diversify Your Main Professions

The latest update for Lineage 2: Revolution will allow you to diversify your main professions in your quest to become the ultimate crafter.

Conan Exiles PC Patch 2.1.3 Addresses Crafting

PC Patch 2.1.3 for Conan Exiles addresses several issues with crafting, while providing improvements elsewhere.

Conan Exiles Update Overhauls Crafting

A recent update to Conan Exiles has completely overhauled the crafting in the survival game while bringing about some other updates and changes.

Red's Read - First Look at Crafting in New World

New World development is moving along and Red Thomas checks out crafting in the latest "preview" event. Red gives his thoughts on what he likes and doesn't like about the crafting and offers a few tips that might help players maximize their time in the game.

You Can Now Craft Legendaries at Multiple Item Levels in the WoW Shadowlands Beta

You can now craft Legendaries at multiple item levels in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands beta.

Here's How Crafting Works In New World

New World recently dropped some new information about how crafting will work in its upcoming survival MMO.

Crowfall Goes Back to Basics and Looks at Classes

Crowfall went back to basics recently as it looked at classes.

RuneScape Provides Update on Master Crafting

The latest Game Update from RuneScape touches on master crafting. Here are the details.