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Cougar Cyclops AIO Camera Review

The Cougar Cyclops is an "all-in-one" camera feature a panoramic camera, microphones, and built-in speakers. At $199, is it the upgrade your stream needs? Find out in this review!

Cougar Forza 135 CPU Air Cooler Review

Not sold on liquid cooling for your CPU? Never fear. Cougar Gaming's Forza 135 dual-fan air cooler wants to be your next air cooler, and it's a big boy. Find out if it's worth choosing in this review.

Cougar Duoface Pro RGB PC Case Review

The Cougar Duoface was an excellent case and the Duoface Pro improves upon it. Reasonably priced at $99.99, is this the next case you should build a PC in? Find out in our review!

Cougar Cratus Mid-tower Case Review

Cougar Gaming's latest mid-tower case, the Cratus, may be the most unique PC case we've ever reviewed. Find out why in this review.

Cougar Puri Mini Keyboard Review

Cougar just released its own 60% keyboard. Does it have what it takes to carry you to victory? Find out in our review!

Cougar Poseidon All-In-One CPU Cooler Review

Cougar just released its latest all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. It's tricked out with RGB bling but is it the best AIO CPU cooler for gaming? Find out in this review!

Cougar Duoface RGB Mid-Tower Case Review

Cougar is out with its latest flashy RGB case, but does it have the build quality and thermals to warrant the price? Find out in this review!

Cougar DH07 and DH10 USB-C Docking Stations Review

We take a look at Cougar's high-end USB-C hubs. Can they keep up in the on-demand world of PC gaming? Find out in our review!

Cougar Terminator Gaming Chair

The Cougar Terminator is one of the most unique and futuristic gaming chairs you can buy. But is it comfortable? Find out in our review!

COUGAR LUXLIM Gaming Keyboard Review: Low-Profile and Optical

The COUGAR LUXLIM low profile optical-mechanical gaming keyboard may be my new favorite peripheral. I have been using it constantly for the past week, and while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other gaming keyboards, most of those missing features won't impact gaming. Check out our review and see if this is the keyboard for you.

Cougar Screamer-X Microphone Review

Cougar is a well known player in the gaming space producing quality products from PC cases to keyboards and AIO Coolers. Not satisfied with being great at all these other things they are breaking into the sound game with the new Screamer-X microphone - but does it stack up to the quality we've come to expect from Cougar? Find out in our review.

Cougar AirBlader Extreme Lightweight Gaming Mouse Review

At only 62 grams, the AirBlader is light but does it offer enough to make it the best choice? Find out in our review!

Cougar DualBlader Gaming Mouse Review

Is the Cougar Dualblader the most customizable, most modular mouse on the market? Find out in our review!

COUGAR Explore S Gaming Chair Review

The COUGAR Explore S is a new mid-sized gaming chair that offers some mid-tier upgrades to COUGAR's budget chair lineup, but in today's market will it be enough? Find out in our review!

Cougar Ranger Gaming Sofa Review

We've all seen gaming office chairs, but what about a gaming recliner? That's exactly what the Ranger offers, but is it worth the $299 MSRP? Find out by reading our review!