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Corsair K70 Core Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review: Solid Features for Gamers on a Budget

The Corsair K70 Core is a uniquely budget-friendly keyboard from one of the biggest names in the business. At $100, is it worth picking up? Find out in this review!

Corsair K65 Plus Wireless Review

Corsair is putting its own spin on the custom keyboard scene with the release of the K65 Plus Wireless 75% Keyboard. If you were wondering if a mass-market brand like Corsair could make a custom-quality keyboard without a sky-high price, the answer is yes.

Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO Mouse Review

Corsair's classic MMO mouse has returned! In this review, we examine the Corsair Scimitar Elite Wireless and decide whether it's the best MMO mouse of 2023. Find out how it fares this review!

Review: Corsair Virtuoso Pro Wired Open Back Gaming and Streaming Headset

Corsair's Virtuoso Pro Headset is an introductory course for gamers in studio quality sound. But can this headset compete in their intended field or is the Virtuoso Pro but one talent among a sea of stars?

Corsair HS80 MAX Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Corsair just released its latest wireless gaming headset with the HS80 MAX. They're premium priced at $180, but are they the best gaming headset of the year? Find out in this review.

Corsair K70 MAX Review

The Corsair K70 MAX takes aim at Wooting with magnetic, dual-actuation switches. Does it succeed? Find out in this review.

Origin PC Neuron Review: DIY Power Without The DIY Hassle

Origin PC is one of the biggest brands behind pre-built gaming PCs, and we've taken its brand new Neuron for a spin. Starting at $1,872, it offers all the power of a DIY PC without the need to build it yourself. Find out if it's the gaming PC for you in this review!

Corsair K65 Pro Mini Review

The Corsair K65 Pro Mini is out and has made several design improvements. From beveled edges to sound dampening, Corsair has taken a lot of prior feedback and implemented it well. It's a great 65% keyboard, but do these improvements push it beyond the previous model's quality and performance? Check out Kevin's review.

Is Upgrading Beyond 32GB of RAM Worth It? (Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB DDR5-6000MHz)

32GB is so last season -- or is it? We explore whether upgrading beyond 32GB of system memory is actually worth the investment. Considering upgrading? Find out the answer here!

Corsair H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Corsair just refreshed its line of liquid CPU coolers with improved fans and bright, 600-nit LCD screens. Looking for a way to take your system to the next level while also investing in a practically useful upgrade? Look no further. Find out more in this review.

Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard Review

Move over K70 RGB Pro, there's a new kid in town. The K70 Pro Mini Wireless keyboard is Corsair's first hot-swappable keyboard and it packs a lot of nifty gaming features into the small compact form. With more gamers looking to customize their typing experience via custom switches and keycaps, the K70 RGB Pro Mini Wireless seems to want to fill that gap. Maybe you can actually have your cake and eat it too, or, is the cake a lie? Keep on reading to find out.

Corsair RM1000X SHIFT Impressions

Corsair's new SHIFT power supplies make building PCs easier. We went hands on to see how a simple, ahem, shift, of where the cables connect impacted PC building. Find out how it works in this new feature.

Corsair Katar Elite Wireless Mouse Review

Corsair is back with its latest gaming mouse, this time targeted at ultra-lightweight fans and FPS fanatics. Is it worth a buy? Find out in this review.

Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB Tempered Glass Case Review

The Corsair 5000T is an RGB PC case that adds RGB on top of its RGB. It's also pretty great to build a PC with, but does it justify its $400 price tag? Find out in our review!

Corsair K70 RGB Pro Review

The Corsair K70 RGB has just got a shot in the arm with a brand new Pro revision. Find out if it's a worthy upgrade at $159 in our review!