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Albion Online Patch Brings Updates to Corrupted Dungeons and More

A new Albion Online patch - Rise of Avalon Patch 12 - is now out and brings several changes to Corrupted Dungeons.

Albion Online Patch Brings Update to Corrupted Dungeon Mobs

A new Albion Online patch has brought some changes to Corrupted Dungeon mobs in addition to some combat balance changes.

Albion Online Surpassed Over 125,000 Daily Average Users This Month

In the most recent population update for Albion Online, the team have announced that the Daily Average User count has surpassed 125,000 for the first time.

Albion Online Patch Addresses Corrupted Dungeons

A recent patch for Albion Online's current update, Rise of Avalon, brings about a few changes to Corrupted Dungeons.

Infamy Adjustments Made to Albion Online After Over 1 Million Players Accessed Corrupted Dungeons

Well folks, the Albion Online team have made adjustments to Infamy in Rise of Avalon because over 1 million people accessed Corrupted Dungeons.

Albion Online's Rise of Avalon Update Available on Test

Albion Online's newest update, Rise of Avalon, is now available on their Staging environment.

Albion Online Talks 'Corrupted Dungeons' Feature Coming Rise of Avalon Update

The Albion Online team held a recent dev talk where they talked all about Corrupted Dungeons, a new feature coming in August as part of the Rise of Avalon update.

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