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New World Would Work Well on Controller

New World is the latest MMO seemingly everyone's playing. I'm loving my time in the game, and am enjoying the more chill vibe of the MMO. And I think official gamepad support would only make that experience even better.

Amazon Luna: Luna+ Service and Controller Impressions

Cloud Gaming, when done right, is the great equalizer for accessibility and content. It enables gamers to play whatever they want, wherever they want, and every so often, however they want. Amazon Luna promised a growing library, 4K gaming, and the ability to play just about anywhere.  With Amazon's Luna controller in hand, and several dozen games at my disposal, how does Luna stack up to the other cloud services?

Here's Your First Look at PlayStation 5 Hardware

Sony held their Not-E3 event earlier today where they showed off the industrial design of the PS5.

Here's Your First Look at the PS5 Controller, Dubbed DualSense

Sony unveiled their new controller for the PS5, called DualSense.