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Maono PD400X Mic Review: A Creator's Dream

Maono has made its name on delivering affordable yet high-quality microphones for content creators. Is the Maono PD400X the best budget dynamic microphone for gamers and creators on a budget? Find out in this review!

Synido Live 100 Audio Interface Review

Looking to take your podcast or stream to the next level? The Synido Live 100 aims to be your all-in-one studio at an affordable price. Find out if it's worth a buy in our review!

Insta360 Link Review: The Best Webcam of 2022 (So Far)

Insta360 just delivered the best webcam ever to be released. Whether you're a content creator or just looking for a great camera for meetings, the Insta360 Link is the best webcam of 2022 (so far).

Monoprice DT-3BT Speakers Review

Studio monitors are an essential tool for content creators and Monoprice has an affordable set to take your audio game to the next level. Are the Monoprice DT-3BT powered speakers with Bluetooth worth your hard-earned gaming dollars? Find out in our review!

New Video Details The Challenges Of MMORPG Content Creation

A new video is detailing some of the challenges behind creating content based on MMORPGs, with multiple MMO creator heavyweights weighing in on the subject.

Razer Seiren BT Wireless Microphone

Razer is known for its desktop mics, but its latest goes wireless with the Razer Seiren BT. At $99, it's portable and wire-free, but does it sound as good as it looks? Find out in our review.

RODE RODECaster Pro 2 Review: Almost Perfect

The RODECaster Pro 2 is a triumphant return to the content creation space. Whether you're a podcaster, streamer, or bedroom musician, this portable mixing studio demands your attention. Watch out, GoXLR. Find out more in our review!


ZHIYUN may be known for its excellent camera gimbals, but what happens when it tries its hand at RGB lighting? Find out in our review!

HyperX DuoCast USB Microphone Review

We've tested the HyperX Quadcast, but the company is officially out with a successor. Is the HyperX DuoCast worth upgrading for? Find out in our review!

512 Audio Tempest Microphone Review

512 Audio is taking USB microphones to the next level. Find out how in our review!

NZXT Signal 4K30 and HD60 USB Capture Card Review

NZXT continues its expansion into the peripherals space with the Signal series of USB-based capture cards. Today, we have both flavors in-house to see how the Signal 4K30 and Signal HD60 might meet your video capture needs.

ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Phone Gimbal Review

Creating content on the go? The ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 may be the best smartphone gimbal you can buy today. Find out in our review.

ZHIYUN Weebill 3 Gimbal Review

The Weebill 3 is all the gimbal you need for your YouTube videos, but is it better than the Weebill 2. More importantly, is it the best gimbal you can buy for $449?

Earthworks ETHOS Review: Broadcast Excellence

The Earthworks Ethos aims to dethrone the Shure SM7B for the broadcast microphone throne. Does it succeed? Find out in our review.

Jabra PanaCast 20 Review

The world of 4K webcams is expanding and Jabra is joining the fray with the PanaCast 20. Retailing for $329 but featuring a suite of intelligent features, is this camera worth the high cost of entry?