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Conan Exiles Gets a 2022 in Review Recap, and Next Patch Goes Up For Public Beta Testing

Conan Exiles is putting its next patch out for public beta testing in order to get feedback before the big update is released for all. Funcom is also looking back on a big 2022 full of changes for Conan Exiles.

The 10 Best Survival Games To Play In 2023

Ever watch Naked And Afraid, but don't want to be actually left somewhere naked and afraid? Survival games offer players that experience without having to leave the house, with games that will start the player with nothing and test their abilities to survive with as many obstacles as possible. If this sounds like your kind of video game, here's a list of ten games that have grown into some of the best and most popular in the survival genre, with continuous dev support and even a few sequels on t

Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 Adds Bounty Hunting, New Cosmetics, and Twitch Drops to Conan Exiles

Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 for Conan Exiles brings bounty hunting, sorcerer world bosses, new Battle Pass season, new cosmetics, and Twitch Drops.

Next Age of Sorcery Update for Conan Exiles Will Add Bounty Hunting, New Expanded Battle Pass Tasks and More

Conan Exiles will get Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 next month, on December 6th. The update will bring Headhunting, the game's new bounty system, sorcerers to battle, a new Battle Pass with new tasks, and more.

Conan Exiles Clarifies the Illusion System, Fixes Crashes and Exploits, and Makes Resurrected Dead Visible Again

A new Conan Exiles patch resolves some issues, makes raising the dead less transparent, and adjusts the new Illusion system for gear to make it clearer

The Age of Sorcery Has Dawned in Conan Exiles, With Several Major Overhauls and Dark Secrets

The Age of Sorcery has dawned in Conan Exiles, with the darkest powerful magic, Corruption, and features, including an overhauled attribute system, gear illusion, new building interface, and more.

Conan Exiles Preview: Checking Out Age Of Sorcery Ahead Of Its September Release

Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery Patch is eldritch, dark and seems like it could be a good time, from what I can tell after my brief tour of the new mechanics and systems coming in.

The Age of Sorcery Arrives in Conan Exiles on September 1st, With Free to Try Event on Steam and Xbox

The darkness of the Age of Sorcery will arrive in Conan Exiles September 1st. The huge update will change the game forever and bring Corruption and dark powers, an overhauled attribute and perk system, a new building interface, and more.

Conan Exiles Update 3.0 Enters Testing, Giving a First Look at New Sorcery, Corruption, and Progression Systems

If you are looking to get a peek at the Age of Sorcery and help the developer that fun, a bit on putting some polish to the next major Conan Exiles update,  update 3.0 is now on the test server.

Followers Getting Rebalanced Along With Progression in Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery

The Age of Sorcery is approaching for Conan Exiles, and there's some new info on the role of followers, which are getting an overhaul and rebalance for the new content.

Conan Exiles Will Revamp Attributes and Perks, With a More Flexible System and Support for Corruption

The Age of Sorcery is coming and Conan Exiles will revamp its attributes and perks to streamline and make progression more flexible, while making room for all-new Corruption mechanics.

More Details on the Battle Pass and Bazaar Coming in Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery

With a move to the Age of Sorcery, Conan Exiles is adding a Battle Pass and Bazaar, to keep major updates free for all. Now, Funcom has more details on how it will all work.

More Details on Sorcery and Sacrifices for Dark Power Will Work in Conan Exiles

Dark magic is coming to Conan Exiles, and it will change the game and the Funcom team has a new blog diving deep into how it will work.

Conan Exiles 3.0 is Coming, Bringing the Age of Sorcery, a Battle Pass, and Overhauls to Building and More

The Age of Sorcery will arrive in Conan Exiles in Q3 this year with a huge content update. The update brings Sorcery, other new systems, an overhaul of perks, attributes, and easier, more intuitive building. There will also be a new battle pass.

Conan Exiles, After a Successful 2021, Will Reduce Official Servers for Better Population

Conan Exiles is coming off a very big year with Isle of Siptah and growth on new platforms. Funcom has announced upcoming server closures and merges to better balance populations ahead of upcoming new content and changes.