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Funcom Acquires Entire Conan IP, New Game in Development

Funcom, the studio behind Age of Conan, Conan Exiles, Anarchy Online and The Secret World, has acquired Cabinet Group, which owns many IPs including everything under the Conan umbrella. New projects are already under way.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Releases Out of Early Access On May 27

The Isle of Siptah expansion for Conan Exiles has a date for its release out of Early Access. Additionally, the expansion will also release on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console, allowing subscribers of the respective services to receive the expansion as part of their subs.

Conan Exiles to Add More Biomes and Land For Isle of Siptah Update 2.4

The full launch of Conan Exiles expansion, Isle of Siptah, sounds like it will receive some big updates seeing more biomes, more landmass, and, well, more. This update 2.4 looks to be a big one. Here's what's in store.

Conan Exiles Update 2.3 Will Bring NPC Camps to Isle of Siptah

NPC camps and more are coming to Conan Exiles as part of Update 2.3.

Conan Exiles Project Director Addresses Xbox Stability Issues

In a recent forum post, Conan Exiles Project Director, Scott Junior, addressed the stability issues plaguing the Xbox versions of the game.

Conan Exiles Update 2.2 Brings New Stamina System and Tons of Bug Fixes

A recent update for Conan Exiles, called Update 2.2., is out and brings with it a new stamina system in addition to a bunch of bug fixes.

Conan Exiles Producers Letter Promises Improvements to Isle of Siptah

A recent Producers Letter for Conan Exiles looks at some popular negative feedback regarding Isle of Siptah and promises improvements.

Conan Exiles PC Patch 2.1.3 Addresses Crafting

PC Patch 2.1.3 for Conan Exiles addresses several issues with crafting, while providing improvements elsewhere.

Conan Exiles PC PVP Official Servers Receiving Anti-Undermesh Feature in 2.1.2

Conan Exiles PC players received another update in the form of a community communication regarding their PvP official servers.

Conan Exiles Update Overhauls Crafting

A recent update to Conan Exiles has completely overhauled the crafting in the survival game while bringing about some other updates and changes.

Conan Exiles Outlines Changes to Steam Family Sharing on Official Servers

if you've been enjoying Conan Exiles, you might want to pay attention to this most recent update regarding Steam Family Sharing settings.

Conan Exiles Hotfix Plugs Exploits

The latest hotfix for Conan Exiles is here, squashing some bugs and wiping out some eploits.

Conan Exiles Hotfix Addresses Issue with Missing Attributes on Royal Armor

Conan Exiles has received a new hotfix which addresses an issue that caused intended attributes not being provided to the Royal Armor.

Conan Exiles Developer Stream Fields Questions on Siptah, Future Tools, More

A developer stream for Conan Exiles fielded several questions from the community across several topics, including the recently released Isle of Siptah expansion, and future plans.

More Official Conan Exile Servers Are En Route

Good news if you're a Conan Exiles player. It looks like more official servers are on the way.