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Conan Exiles Hotfix Plugs Exploits

The latest hotfix for Conan Exiles is here, squashing some bugs and wiping out some eploits.

Conan Exiles Hotfix Addresses Issue with Missing Attributes on Royal Armor

Conan Exiles has received a new hotfix which addresses an issue that caused intended attributes not being provided to the Royal Armor.

Conan Exiles Developer Stream Fields Questions on Siptah, Future Tools, More

A developer stream for Conan Exiles fielded several questions from the community across several topics, including the recently released Isle of Siptah expansion, and future plans.

More Official Conan Exile Servers Are En Route

Good news if you're a Conan Exiles player. It looks like more official servers are on the way.

Conan Exiles Producers Letter Teases What's Next

The latest Producer Letter for Conan Exiles teases what's next for the survival game.

Here's a Speed Build of Conan Exiles' Stormglass Cathedral

One player has performed (and recorded) a speed build of the Stormglass Cathedral in Conan Exiles as part of their latest expansion, the Isle of Siptah.

Conan Exiles 'Isle of Siptah' Expansion Out Today in Early Access

Hey, as a reminder, the latest Conan Exiles expansion called The Isle of Siptah is out today in Early Access on Steam.

'Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah' Expansion Releasing Into Early Access September 15

The first major expansion for Conan Exiles called Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah is set to release next week on September 15 in Early Access.

Summer Vacation Decay Timers Shutting Off Soon in Conan Exiles

Those Summer Vacation Decay timers in Conan Exiles? Yeah, they're going to be shut off soon.

Conan Exiles Patch Takes Aim at Fixing Remaining Crash Issues

The newest Conan Exiles patch takes square aim at eliminating the remaining crashes, in addition to a few issues with server browser.

Conan Exiles Tower of the Elephant Building Contest Winners Announced

The winners of Conan Exile's Tower of the Elephant building contest have been announced.

Conan Exiles Friends List Continues to Receive Fixes

More fixes to the Friends List are here for Conan Exiles as part of the most recent patch.

Conan Exiles Hotfix Addresses Server Browser, Connectivity, and Friends List

The most recent hotfix for Conan Exiles has release on Steam and includes fixes for server browser, connectivity, and friends list.

Conan Exiles Patch Adjusts Thralls and Purges

A recent Conan Exiles patch provides fixes for AI and more.

New Conan Exiles Hotfix Addresses Crash Related to Filtering Server List

You may recall Conan Exiles has had some server list issues as of late. They recently just issued another hotfix to address that very thing.