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Embers Adrift Is Hosting Its First In-Game Community Event Saturday

Embers Adrift entered its closed beta earlier this month, and while testing has been ongoing each week since, the first real event has been announced. This Saturday, players can join up with the MMO's community manager Elloa to explore the MMO together.

RuneScape's Community Awards Will Be Virtual This Year, Nominations Now Open

Like just about everything this year, RuneScape's community award show, called the Golden Gnome Awards, will be held virtually.

World Boss Rush Returns to Guild Wars 2 Tomorrow

In case you missed it, world boss rush for Guild Wars 2 is set to return tomorrow, August 18. Here are the details.

Non-Profit Player-Driven Community Pens Open Letter to Daybreak Game Company

An open letter from the community of Infantry Online to Daybreak Game Company has surfaced, requesting assisting in ensuring the longevity the game.

Last Oasis Dev Blog Touches on Community Frustrations

The latest dev blog for Last Oasis provides some explanation behind the development process of the game, and community concerns.

Recent Ship of Heroes Community Event Saw Double Participation Over Previous Event

The recently-held Ship of Heroes community event was apparently a huge success, boasting double the number of community members than the previous event.

Ship of Heroes March Community Newsletter Explores Community Event

The March Community Update for Ship of Heroes takes a look at a community event, and more.