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Ship of Heroes Newsletter Addresses Speed of Combat

The latest Ship of Heroes newsletter takes a look at the speed of combat, which appears to be too fast.

Mortal Online 2 Closed Combat Alpha Underway

Mortal Online 2 has shared a quick video on the closed combat alpha which should currently be underway.

Zenimax Shares Ideas for Addressing Attacks in Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax has shared some new info on how they're planning to address combat issues for light and heavy attacks in Elder Scrolls Online.

New World Dev Diary Episode 3 Looks at Real-Time Combat

The latest dev diary from the New World team takes a look at real-time action combat.

Tab Targeting Or Action Targeting - An Age Old Question

In the MMORPG world, there are many factors that go into making a great MMO experience. Combat specifically is one of them, with many MMOs of yesteryear opting for tab-targeting. However, in recent years many MMOs have come onto the market with a more active combat style. Do MMOs need to go back to the age-old tab-targeting, or should we embrace the new future of active targeting in our games moving forward?