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CitizenCon is This Week, and Star Citizen Will Give Backers Digital Gear and Space Whale Plushies

It's almost CitizenCon time and a big week for Star Citizen. Cloud Imperium has revealed the upcoming talks and a special gift pack for backers with a special party animal included.

 Ship Showdown and A New Free Fly Event Are Back in Star Citizen

It's Ship Showdown and its free fly event time again in Star Citizen. You'll be able to test fly the top eight ships selected by the community  over the next week,

Star Citizen Update Doubles Server Capacity, Adds Solo Illegal Delivery Missions, and a New Dynamic Event

Star Citizen gets its latest alpha update, 3.172, which adds a new anti-aircraft vehicle, doubles capacity per server, and begins the new Siege of Orison event.

Star Citizen Will See Increased Server Capacity Thanks to Successful Trials on the 3.17.2 Public Tests

After opening up its Public Testing Universe to all backers, Star Citizen will explore increased capacity after testing this went so well.

Battle of the Bricks To Feature CCP and Cloud Imperium Up in a Friendly Ship-Building Challenge for Charity

Battle of the Bricks is coming, and Star Citizen's Cloud Imperium Games and EVE Online's CCP will face off in a ship replica-building challenge for charity next week, as part of an ongoing fundraising effort.

It's Free Fly Time again in Star Citizen for Invictus Launch Week

It's free fly time again in Star Citizen during Invictus Launch Week. Starting today, you'll be able to test fly most ships, check out a showcase of new vehicles, and explore the game.

Chris Roberts Reflects on Big 2021 for Star Citizen, Growth, Release Cadence, and No In-Person CitizenCon in 2022

Chris Roberts about the Star Citizen year in review, what's ahead, and considering the journey towards alpha 4.0 and eventual beta. He also announced that there will be no in-person CitizenCon this year.

It's the First Free Fly of 2022 in Star Citizen

Star Citizen holds its first Free Fly of 2022 and highlights 3.16 With Jumptown and Ninetails Lockdown.

Star Citizen Will Scrap Long-Term Public Roadmap, Angering the Community

Star Citizen's public roadmap will revert to only showing the upcoming quarter of development, and CIG is blaming the community's expectations for the changes.

Squadron 42 is a Couple of Years Off, as the Star Citizen Dev Grows into a Bigger Studio

A new feature puts CIG in a good place, expanding and growing the studio in Manchester, England, but still estimates Squadron 42 to be a couple of years off.

Star Citizen Update Brings Back Jumptown in a New Format, And Overhauls the Law System

Return to Jumptown in the latest Star Citizen update, Patch 3.1 6.0 of the alpha. The update brings the Jumptown  2.0 event as well as other additions such as reworking Gravlev, new changes to the law system, a brand new ship, a working hospital location, and a bunch of fixes.

Star Citizen Free Fly On through December 1st to Coincide With Aerospace Expo Event

Free fly is back in Star Citizen through December 1st.  If you want to check out the game, which just had a major update that added new gameplay options, including medical and healing tools, you can play free during the special period.

Star Citizen's Deadly Consequences Update Makes Your Journey More Dangerous and Strategic

This new Star Citizen update adds medical gameplay, healing, strategic inventory management, and full loot among the usual new ships and missions.

Star Citizen Alpha Previews Spawn Closets and New Mission Types

The next update for Star Citizen for alpha 15, will add spawn closets, a feature that grounds NPC spawns in the environment and some new mission types.

Star Citizen Reveals CitizenCon Schedule and Panel Details Ahead of Saturday Event

CitizenCon is this weekend, and now there's an official schedule for panels and presentations for the event and what details and free goodies you can expect.