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Star Citizen Ship Marketing Has to Be Clearer After Ad Standards Complaint

Star Citizen has had a long and controversial road towards development, but the UK Advertising Standards Authority has admonished Cloud Imperium over how it promotes its concept ships.

Star Citizen Has Hit $350 Million In Crowdfunding

Star Citizen has reached $350 million in crowdfunding dollars, a new milestone for the in-development MMORPG. This comes after the Cloud Imperium Games revealed it raised over $5 million in February alone.

Star Citizen Is Hosting Another Free Fly Event, Running Till February 25th

Star Citizen is giving potential players the chance to check out the in-development game for free with its latest Free Fly event, running from today, February 15th through the 25th.

Star Citizen's Latest Monthly Report Outlines Strides Made in January 2021

In the latest Star Citizen Monthly Report from Cloud Imperium Games, the team outlines a long laundry list of features that they've worked on. The list includes many of the game's important features from narrative progress to engine improvements.

Turbulent Creates New Studio In Montreal To Create Worlds For Star Citizen

Turbulent has been tasked with creating new worlds for Cloud Imperium Games' hyper-ambitious sci-fi MMO, Star Citizen, according to a new press release. The company will create a new studio in Montreal to make this possible.