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Games Could Be Accessible To All Via Cloud Streaming, Claims Final Fantasy 16 Director Naoki Yoshida 

If Final Fantasy 14 and 16's director had any say in the future, he'd knock down the barriers of gaming--with cloud gaming.  

Samsung's Gaming Hub is a Paradigm Shift in Gaming Accessibility

During PAX West week, Steven was invited to the Samsung offices in Seattle to check out Samsung's Gaming Hub with industry legend Mike Lucero, Samsung's head of product management for their gaming division.

EVE Anywhere Gives Capsuleers Flexibility With Cloud-Based Access From Virtually Anywhere

As long as you have a modern browser and a strong enough connection, you can now play EVE Online wherever you can connect, as the new cloud-based access of EVE Anywhere launches.

Square Enix President Talks 2022, The Metaverse, and Blockchain - Acknowledges Player Hesitancy

Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda took to the Square Enix Holdings website with his New Year's Letter, which covers a number of different topics that the company aims to focus on throughout 2022. While the vast majority of the letter revolved around the influence of blockchain games, NFT and the metaverse, Matsuda also spoke of Square Enix' investment into artificial intelligence and cloud technologies and how they intend to leverage all emerging tech in the future.

Mainframe's Microsoft Cloud-Based MMORPG Deal Confirmed, Titled Pax Dei

There's confirmation that Mainframe's upcoming cloud-based MMORPG will be published by Microsoft, with a title, Pax Dei, and more details.

Playing EVE Online In A Browser Window Is Really Cool - When It Works

Earlier this week EVE Online announced that the long-running space MMO was going to be playable in a browser window, bringing the game to players in a new way. While still in Beta, I checked out the experience this week and came away pretty impressed, at least when it worked.

Amazon Luna: Luna+ Service and Controller Impressions

Cloud Gaming, when done right, is the great equalizer for accessibility and content. It enables gamers to play whatever they want, wherever they want, and every so often, however they want. Amazon Luna promised a growing library, 4K gaming, and the ability to play just about anywhere.  With Amazon's Luna controller in hand, and several dozen games at my disposal, how does Luna stack up to the other cloud services?

Amazon Jumps into the Cloud Gaming Fray with Luna

Amazon has announced, and provided early access sign-ups for Luna, a new cloud gaming platform. Luna boasts that it will be able to stream 2 devices at a time and up to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Playable Worlds Raises $10M for Cloud-Native Sandbox MMO

It looks like Playable Worlds has closed Series A funding, raising $10 million towards their cloud-native sandbox MMO.

Publishers, You Can't Stop Me From Cloud Streaming Your Games

Steven breaks down his thoughts on Cloud Gaming, specifically looking at publisher behavior regarding pulling their games from these services.

MMO Dev Mainframe Raises 8.3 Million for Cloud-native games

After an investment from Riot Games, Mainframe Industries has raised $8.3 million for cloud-native games.