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Preview: First Impressions Of Fractured Online's Closed Beta

Since partnering with publisher gamigo and enacting a name change from the plain old Fractured to Fractured Online at the end of 2021, it has been a pretty busy first half of 2022 for Dynamight Studios, the developers behind the open-world sandbox MMORPG, Fractured Online. Mitch dove headlong into the beta this past weekend to give you his first thoughts.

Torchlight Infinite's Closed Beta Kicks Off Next Week

Torchlight Infinite's second beta test will begin next week, bringing players back to the mobile ARPG to test it out ahead of a full release. The second round of beta testing brings with it new game modes and more for testers to pour over.

Vampire Survival Game V Rising Enters Closed Beta Today

V Rising, the open-world, Vampire survival title from Stunlock Studios has hit closed beta today, bringing three thousand vampires to its open-world. The closed beta aims to test the starting experience with both PvE and PvP servers active for players.

Lost Ark Closed Beta Impressions

Developed by Smilegate RPG and published by Amazon Games, the action MMORPG Lost Ark has been long-awaited by many in the West. This past week, Kevin had the chance to play the game ahead of the closed beta. What are his first impressions as both someone completely new to the game and one who enjoys other A-RPGs? Well, he has some good news.

Amazon Details Lost Ark's Upcoming Closed Beta, Monetization Plans

After being delayed until early 2022, Amazon and Smilegate have announced a closed beta for Lost Ark in the west, which starts November 4th. Today in a series of blog posts, the team detailed what players can expect to see, as well as how monetization will work for the free-to-play MMOARPG.

Next Month's Lost Ark Closed Beta Time Period Extended, Comes With New Content And More

Lost Ark is hosting a closed beta next month, bringing the MMOARPG to players ahead of its new 2022 release window. The test aims to give players a new way to check out the much anticipated MMOARPG from Smilegate RPG with new systems, builds and more.

Frozen Flame Closed Beta Impressions

The developers at Dreamside Interactive have created a fun and vivid world to explore with Frozen Flame. In this open-world survival RPG, there is always something new to discover. But do the other systems hold up? Find out in Kevin's closed beta impressions.

Mortal Online 2 Steam Closed Beta Launches September 6

The closed beta for Mortal Online 2 is launching on Steam next month on September 6. Here are the details you need to know.

Amazon Talks Server Instability, Bug Fixes In New World Beta

Amazon's Scot Lane, game director on New World, has taken to the MMO's forums to discuss server instability and ensuring worlds are available during the MMO's closed beta.

Elyon Announces Dates for Closed Beta 2

In case you missed it, CBT2 dates have been announced for Elyon's second beta test. Read on for the details.

New World Beta Impressions: Questing Needs A Bit Of Work

New World's closed beta has been in full swing since July 20th, and tens of thousands of players have landed in Aeternum waging war, skinning turkeys and more. One aspect of New World that has been frustrating though, more than others at least to Bradford, are the quests you can undertake in Amazon's MMO.

As New World Hits Closed Beta, Steam Charts See Almost 200K Players Descend On Aeternum Immediately

To say people have been excited for New World has been an understatement as the MMO officially hit its long-awaited closed beta today. As a result, thousands upon thousands of players descended upon the MMO, with SteamDB showing nearly 200K people jumping into Aeternum as the floodgates opened this morning.

Elyon Closed Beta Test Stumbles Out Of The Gate, Beta Will Be Extended 'Accordingly' Per Developers

Look, it's no secret that betas don't always start the best. Issues typically abound when cramming thousands of eager players into a new game right away. Elyon's beta test, which kicked off this morning, has been no different.

Elyon Closed Beta Kicks Off Today

Today is the day the closed beta kicks off for Elyon, the MMORPG previously known as Ascent Infinite Realm. Here's what you need to know if you're able to hop in.

PC Registration Now Open for Phantasy Star Online 2's New Genesis Closed Beta

While we all wait for the closed beta for Phantasy Star Online's New Genesis update on May 14, PC gamers can actually register now through the Xbox Insider Hub app. Here's what you need to know.